TEXT TOPIC: How much cash do you have in your pocket?

How much cash do you have in your pocket?

I carry about $175. Courier and I go anywhere from Idaho to St. George so if I break down in the middle of nowhere or run out of gas.

I have $400-$500 cash. I work for a retail place and get a discount. People ask to use the discount and give me cash. I can''t use my discount with cash so I use my card. I just never use cash so it sits in my wallet. And I don''t go to the bank often

I currently have $1850 in my purse that my husband gave me for bills that I need to deposit. I hate carrying around that much cash. At any given time my husband has at least $3000 cash in his wallet. Does not deal with cards uses cash only.

folded and ironed to fit in my wallet.

always 1000 in pocket

1500$ started with 100 as emergency cash. It's just ballooned.

we don't use cards and once a month I'll make a withdrawal and today is that day. $2500 about to put in envelopes at home. #daveramsey

Normally about $3000 in my back pocket

I have $10k on my at all times. No one takes checks anymore and never know when a deal on car, boat, motorcycle will come up.

$300, sold an item on KSL last week.

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