TEXT TOPIC: Hairdresser Horror Stories

I asked for layers and cut to my shoulders.... the layers were crazy high. The shortest piece was 2in long. It looked like I had a mullet. It took awhole year for it to be fixed.

I got my hair bleached a few years ago and it fried my hair awesome well as my hair ended stop coming out in chunks the next week.

I felt bad getting her fired but at the same time, how do you mess up that bad? It's been a year now and hair is barely grown down to top of my shoulder.

Frankie talking about hair bands made me think of Adam Sandler in Billy Madison when he rolls up in the Trans Am rocking out to 80s music & all the 90s kids roll their eyes at him haha

To clarify a little I showed her a picture of the length of my hair that's i wanted which I had before and she went even shorter

I wanted like an inch off my hair back in November. The lady cut it off up past my shoulders to my chin. I'm still growing to a length that I wanted

My sister was going to hair school and needed me to come in for her cut test... let’s just say it looked like she used the crazy craft scissors... never again

Went in to get bangs, ended up loosing 10-11 inches of hair and left looking like Kate plus eight. I lost my mind, girl got fired

I asked the stylist for an undercut, she cut my hair to look like a mushroom top. I explained that it didn''t look like it as suppose to, said she wouldn’t''t fix it because it because it looked good. Went somewhere else and they gasped when I walked in the building.

Girl fried my hair by leaving my bleach on too long and the back got so nappy and gross. It was months for it too seem better

Mess up hair line

My fiancé went to get his hair cut and the lady mess up his hair like imagine a black guy with a messed up hair line.

Good morning And welcome to the world autism awareness day is there a way that you all could give a shout out to my son Bryton as I''m driving him today care and all of the other awesome kiddos and adults on the autism spectrum to help shined a light on autism awareness?!

Betting blonde highlights My hair dresser left me under the hair dryer for so long that mmt light brown hair was WHITE as paper It fell out for the next 5 years I''ll never have long hair again High end salon dante in sandy

I went to get a haircut for when my man came back on leave from deployment and the person at a sports cut place caught a freaking hole in my hair ittook another worker an hour to fix what was done and he was in shock and gave me 10 free haircuts

Had a lady at great clips cut my hair in under 10 minutes. I was so surprised, that''s awesome! It was raining so I opted to go home without getting my hair styled. When I got home... the layers on the left side of my head was 1-2 inches long (my hair was past my shoulders long). It took me 4 years togrow out my hair EVENLY. I was so sad

I'm blonde and went in for a balayage. I ended up with orange, brassy hair and a backwards mullet haircut. $290 later it was fixed by someone else.

Went in for a big wavy curls, came out like a poodle. Very tragic.

Hair girl put me under hair dryer during a relaxer (you only do that with perms). Most of my hair burned away. It's never grown the same since

I went to a school to get a cheap cut and wanted layers. I got 2 layers...an unwanted mullet. It took forever to fix it

I went to get a trim because I loved my long healthy hair but it needed a trim and the lady chopped off 7 inches! I wanted an inch, 2 at most cut off. Now I only have close friends cut my hair

This is NOT apart of the haircut stories. But to give you guys a good laugh Elon musk made a song about harambe yesterday. Thought it was April fools turns

My sister lives in Manhattan. One time my sister got tickets to the Yankees game from work and my mom told her I wouldn''t want to go. I missed outwhile my mom went

Had platinum blond hair and had gone in to get brown streaks/highlights she ended up dying my whole head purple and than re bleaching my hair for blond streaks still had to pay $160

When I was in high school I graduated back in 05 my sister-in-law''s mother went to school for hair and I told her I wanted my hair layered she chopped off my whole head to a really short a line you said this is how I wanted my hair cut I told her she thinks I just wanted that layered

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