TEXT TOPIC: Dirty Little Secret April 2, 2019

Dirty Little Secret

Been married for 13 years. But I''m still in love with my first love. I can''t stop thinking about him. To the point it''s affecting my marriage. I don''t see my marriage lasting forever

I am happily married but on a Daily basis I cant stop thinking about my ex, he was my first love and I dont think I am completely over him... I feellike I am cheating...

My dirty secret is that I'm pregnant. But with my husbands brother. Idk how tell my husband. But all I know it's not going to end well.

Everyone thinks I'm sober, but fell/jumped off wagon years ago.

I have a crush on a really good friend and he doesn't know it.

I just found my 1st cousin on a porn site. She is a mom of 5.

I have credit card hubby didn't know, when bill getting high, i would get secondary job to pay it.

Hiding the fact I'm pregnant from my now ex, who cheated on me with his co-worker.

Sometimes I would rather be alone than in a relationship. Or my marriage

I sneeze when I'm turned on. I'm always turned on. Everyone in my life thinks I have really bad allergies, but in reality I'm just thinking about getting it on with most of the guys in the room!

Everyone is pressuring my spouse and I for kids. We always say we don''t want them yet. We''ve actually been trying for a year but haven''t had any success so when my sister-in-law just started trying for her 3rd I died on the inside.

My wife thinks I'm working overtime when I don't come home. I've been going to the bar, or a friend's house....I can't stand being at home anymore.

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