TEXT TOPIC: What is your something GOOD?

been working at my new job for a month now and absolutely love it!

I'm 35 & I'm going back to school!!! Woot woot! Started last week & killin it! Luv being older & wiser than these young bucks. Lol.

started a new diet two weeks ago. Down 15 lbs. so far!

my good news is I get to go see carter Cruise DJ in Vegas in April & if you know who she is, you know why I''m stoked to be on the list. And her new music is bomb AF.

after a stillbirth and 3 years of trying for a baby, we FINALLY got news we are expecting our rainbow baby! Total surprise and was unexpected, we are THRILLED!! :D

Good news I am leaving for Phoenix tomorrow morning for a week woot woot

husband is making a big career change, starts the new job today. So proud of him for following his heart and making such a big change.

We are finding out the gender of our IVF baby this week!

something good, I had an amazing, busy, weekend where I learned great tips to grow my business

started a new job two weeks ago, and it has been a dream! Better pay, benefits, incredible work environment. I'm the luckiest guy in the world

I just accepted a promotion that came with a 50% raise and a switch from hourly to salary. Finally feel like I've made it in my career!

been eating right and exercising five days a week and I'm down 22 pounds

just got a call and I won $1000 listening to you guys!!!! I'm so excited!!

got a $1.62 raise and my husband got a promotion along with a raise. Maybe this year we can get a house!

Leaving for Aruba tonight and getting married on the beach on Thursday.

texted in January about interviewing for a very competitive doctorate program. I got in!!!!

The tornadoes, 12-year-old girls just won the junior jazz three on three championship and are headed to Dallas

I'm in my late thirties & the guy I have been dating for five weeks referred to himself as my boyfriend this weekend, so I guess we're official.

My Mom completed chemotherapy for breast cancer last Thursday!! She is so amazingly strong!!

thankful to my uncles for having my mom get a heart test. She had heart surgery last week & would have died if it weren''t for having her heart checked. Lesson learned always be on top of your health! Love you mama!!

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