TEXT TOPIC: Think you were going to die and you said goodbye?

Was leaving Georgia to come back to Utah, right side plane motor and wing was all tore up and on fire and had to make emergency landing. I love ya too called parents, and grandma called grandpa. Everyone on plane was holding hands and praying. We all thought it was over!

have struggled with mental illness since the age of 19. I have a physical note in my phone case with instructions and goodbyes to my 4 people I actually love.

last June I collapsed at work they thought I had a heart attack and rushed me to the hospital. After 24hrs in the hospital all my organs were shutting down I started saying my goodbyes. Then a dr found out I had a very serious case of pancreatitis. Now healthy but on a strict diet.

my husband called me to tell me he loved me and our kids. A coworker had made a FB post about how he was going to shoot up their jobsite. Everyone is okay!

I was in the pleasant grove high school shooting hoax in 2015. We thought there was a real shooter so I texted my fam that I loved them b4 my phone died

had been fighting Cancer for the 2nd time in 3 years. The Dr. told my wife I had weeks to live if the treatment didn’t help/work. Wrote my wife a big letter on my I pad while in the hospital for a month long stint. We have a shared account so it ended up on both phones and iPads, if she ever read it she never said anything.

my family was in Hawaii this when they got the missile scare. We received a "goodbye and I love you" text. Thankfully everything was okay

In NYC for a conference when Sayoc mailed his pipe bombs last Oct. Didn''t know if we''d get out of the building before detonation. Texted hubby and kids my love while evacuating down the stairwell.

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