TEXT TOPIC: Do you know a "Snow Plow" parent? Are you one?

My friend was working a job fair recently and there were parents there looking for jobs for their adult children.

my brother is 42 and my mom called in for him at work last month, she pays his bills and makes his Dr.s appts. Can you say enabler.

my sister has always criticized my parenting. My oldest daughter is a functional adult. Sis still calls off work for her son, same age as my kid.

I work at an elite private school here. You wouldn't believe parents. One recently withdrew saying we expect her child to be independent. Duh.

I actually had the mother of a 34 year old employee who had a child of her own come in to quit for her at my business. I finally had to say excuse me but we have nothing to talk about we have no Connection. If your daughter wants to talk to me that''s perfectly fine. When I explained her daughter was in the wrong she turned around and started to yell at her daughter right in front of me

work for a local school district and teacher Recruitment -how to apply for a district what the salary is going to be and why they haven''t been offered a job yet I always just tell them you know if your child is really upset than they need to contact us because I can''t talk to you about this

mom in-law. Does shopping, cleaning, sets up appointment for her grown sons (mid 30s w their own kids) does it bc "they can't handle stress"

my aunt has babied my now 30 year old cousin his entire life. He''s never paid a bill, he has "moved out" since 18 to live his own rules lol but doesn''t pay a thing. She hires people to clean his apt and bring him food daily

my sister got her daughters bosses number so when she didnt show up to work the boss would let her know and my sister would go to her daughters place and make her go in

A friend has written book report for son that is 17 so that he can continue to play baseball because he was failing.

so my stepmom is a snow plow parrent. She still allows my 11yr old sister to sleep in my parents bed. Because she refuses to let her have any nightmares from sleeping alone. This is just one of many major problems .

had a parent call me to set up an Academic Advising appointment for her son. She wanted to come without him, because he couldn't deal school at the time

I think I fall into this type of parent. My son is 19 now and I think he expects me to do everything for him and I see it now. He''s struggled through school academically, so I felt bad and tried to do what I could. And now that I''m not doing it for him I feel bad because he''s not doing it for himself. It''s so hard not to enable him with it. I''m definitely not going to go down the same path with my now 2 year old though. I learned my lesson.

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