TEXT TOPIC: Who do you want to thank for Thankful Thursday?

thankful for a friend that no matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, we just pick right where we left off!!! Happy Birthday Dray!!! Love ya

I want to say thank you to Jeff and Anna with ABS for the jazz tickets last night I had a lot of fun

my hubby is amazing really stepped up for me I got shoulder surgery he blow dries my hair and takes care of the kiddos thanks bae I love you so much

Thank you to my husband for cleaning the cat litter ! I left in a hurry today

my husband got stationed to Alaska. I just passed my medical interview to go with him. Thank you to the nurses who helped me with all my paperwork!

I'm thankful for the Wash Factory in Roy for always taking good care of my cars

I wanted to say thank you to my amazing boyfriend. He works so hard and inspires me everyday. Thank you for everything you do Brex.

Thank you Joe and Renae Ingles and Utah Jazz for being so amazing and for sponsoring #autismawareness night last night.

just want to say think you to amazing husband he works so hard to provide and be my rock in everything he is gone a lot being in the military but still makes time to be there for my dr appts because we’re trying to have a baby

I''d like to thank my kiddos, they are what keep me going especially during my divorce. For being 10, 6 and 20 months they are such strengths and keep me laughing and feeling loved. I''d also like to worship their teachers for teaching them so I don''t have too - especially when they are being naughty

I want to say thank you to my boss who had a very meaningful talk with me and made me a mental health day when my autistic son was struggling with some very deep thoughts and issues.

I want to thank my wife, even thought she get very sick during pregnancies and had to have home health and IVs she blessed me with one more and it''s a boy!!! Thanks babe

thankful for you guys. Love your show, I listen everyday. I know you need it and deserve it but I hate when you go on vacation. Lol

I'm thankful for my baby momma. I couldn't ask for a better mother to our 2 beautiful girls. You da real MVP!

Thanks to my mother in law, Eileen! For simply being one of our biggest blessings on earth & to everyone around her.

thankful for Sean whalens Lions Den for teaching me self accountability, and that if I''m complaining I already have it to good& that My happiness is my responsibility

I''m a new mom again, raising my grand baby. I''m thankful for all the help from my friend who have Bent over backwards to help me. I couldn''t have done this without you.

I want to thank my husband for not giving up while searching for a new job. He's moving up and moving on!

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