TEXT TOPIC: Who is the person in your family that you cut out?

We had to cut out my father in law, he brought this older lady from New Jersey to visit the left her with us. This was the first week of December. OnNew Year''s Eve the older lady picked up my 17 month old and threw him down a flight of stairs. To this day he blames my son. We don''t talk to him. Not sorry

Had to cut out ex-husband. Suffers from mental illness due to continued drug abuse. He has no one and nothing but I needed to protect my kids. Just sad!

My dad we were close until he started lying about everything Manipulative I have not spoken to him for 5 yrs

My entire family. They are a bunch of racist rednecks.

My dad's family. he passed in November. He was trustee of familt estate. Since his pasding they have accused my mom of taking money from them

Wrote off my cousin who believes that white should be the only race. I have a non white child. There is no way I would put my child in any situationwith him.

Younger brother Kicked him out of my house twice. Alcoholic and brought drugs in my house. I had 2 young kids. It's been 5 yrs

My sister 4 10 years because she was horrible to be around she would steal money from my sick and dieing parents. Especially when she would get drunkshe would act out towards my wife. She would bribe my kids with money say bad things about us behind our back. She had to go!

My grandma is a nut job she has sued her own kids She knew her kids were raped by her husband and let it happen

My husbands family. They are poison and drama that only care about money

Had to cut out one of my cousins on my dad''s side when he went on hospice and soon passed away because she felt that we talked him into dying. It''s been 4 years and I haven''t talked to or seen her since the funeral

I cut my brother and my dad out of my life . My brother thinks he''s better than everyone else and my dad doesn''t accept me his daughter being marriedto a woman . It hurts but I''m not with the drama they bring

Hey Frankie, that Five Guys in Cottonwood Heights that you said moved is in the same strip mall. It's right where the Dickies BBQ place was. Next to GNC

I had to sadly cut out my family my siblings do drugs and drink and my ma is alcoholic anorexic. I Go to therapy and thank God ever day I learn fromthem my family plagued by addiction. I can''t thank you guys enough making me feel happy and not alone listen every morning and make me laugh and my day!!!!

I have cut my mother & sister out of my life. Both are similarly toxic. Mother is constantly complaining about drama she starts. Too energy draining w/ constant negativity

Mom&bro. They both take from everyone. Literally. Bro just got out of Montana prison 8 months ago. Just got sentenced to 5 years in Utah. They bothare deadbeats. She lives a mile away and doesn''t have anything to do with me or my kids at all. Not sure how I turned out to be a good dad but I''m grateful

It's my sister and my niece, Bat-shiz-crazy, Narcissistic hypochondriacs, forever the victims, Never seeing the affects their actions have on others!

My brother in law. He''s a drug addict,in/out of jail, accused my husband of some horrible things. Last straw was when he told my husband to have a heart attack and die already. The list goes on. We''ve cut him out if ours and our kids lives. I don''t care to talk to or see him ever again.

We has to cut out my uncle's, he's a functioning alcoholic. Lives a mile away, can't find time to visit & never takes responsibility.

My sisiter and half sister they are using drugs and causes alot of people. They are still running me down because I won''t talk to them. But that''s the Best thing I did because I deserved better than that.

Wife had to cut her brother out he's bipolar and should probably be on meds he'll try to start fights w/ anyone he can out of the blue just extremely toxic

My cousins husband convinced her that her entire family, mother included, were toxic for her and their marriage, Because we aren''t LDS. We haven''t seen her since the wedding, 6 years ago, & she wasn''t even LDS until he made her get baptized so he could marry her in the temple.

Morning beautiful Jess. I cut off pretty much half my moms side of the family. They thought she was toxic, but in reality it was them. So bye! Rhonda

Mom Bc she's a covert abuser. Hardest part is when u tell ppl, they assume it's you who's at fault bc what mom would intentionally hurt their kid?

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