TEXT TOPIC: What inappropriate thing did your doc say?

went to a doctor 4 my lower back. It''s bone on bone. I told him I walk (I''m overweight) & he said, "Do u want 2 know the best walk u can do?" Of course I said yes & then he said, "Walk away from the refrigerator". I was devastated & his nurse was embarrassed. 1st & last visit. Jerk.

gyno right in the middle of exam down there started asking if my hubby raped me and kept pushing what we did sexually and if I was comfortable with it.

first OB check at 19 and he says I'm going to stick my finger in your rectum, if you enjoy this I will question you. I was in shock!!

OB post baby app sitting in the paper gown the dr just asked questions, at the end he said I didn't even get to see you naked/ my hubbys face was priceless!

inappropriate things a dr said: I was a first time mom taking my 2 month old in for her check up. The dr said "well, at least you haven''t killed her yet"!!!! That was the last time we went to her>,

went to the doctor for a stiff neck he grabbed my shoulders and started rubbing them and said wow you are a notty girl umm excuse me lol

My aunt was getting a breast exam and the doctor said 'your husband is a luck man' wtf dude!

when waiting for my daughter to make her entrance in this world, the doctor asked me after a cervix check if "I always keep it trim down there." I answered yes, I do!

I'm a pretty big man but flexible and when I went to the doc he asked me to touch my toes so I did and he said wow I didn't think you'd be able to do that

An OB told me I was too old to get pregnant and that it wouldn't be worth trying. I'm 34

My 1st pregnancy I had my first vaginal ultrasound. As my doctor was getting up in my business he turned to my husband and said wow she is really tight and then winked at him!

doctor implied I had be unfaithful to my husband in front of him, turns out it was a uti not an std, thanks for that fun bs i got to deal with

had an allergic reaction to my Copper IUD and had to have it removed immediately. My OB was on vaca and I had to see the Dr on call. He''s a creeper. He''s nose deep in my Netherlands and tells me what I beautiful tattoo I have on my leg. I seriously wanted him out of there ASAP!! I was mortified!

went to my general practitioner for a sinus infection and he kept asking me if I wanted a Pap smear! He said I haven''t had a women''s health checkup with him. Last time I ever saw that sicko!!

at my annual exam and my doctor said "your kids weren't very nice to you were they". Yes I have a lot of stretch marks!

I was topless and wearing jeans that had no back pockets. When the doctor was behind me he said, "I don''t usually like those kind of jeans, but they look great on you."

went to an male obgyn at 17 and he was doing a breast exam and said "I bet your boyfriend likes these". Never went to a male obgyn again!

Same dam thing happened to me!! I was at the lady doc for my yearly checkup and first thing she said (as her head was in between my legs) was "looks like you have been enjoying the sun!" What the hell lady! My tan lines are up here!!

Was at my OB''s office for my yearly exam. No matter what, it''s always slightly uncomfortable. Mid exam he told me I''m "getting up there" and I "need to put my ovaries to use" .... I''m only 26!!!

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