TEXT TOPIC: Lies you told your kid to make them behave

When I was young and I was helping my dad outside my dad would tell me if I didn't stop talking the dragonflies with sew my lips together

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Mom & babysitter teamed up, said lying would make my tongue green. When I lied babysitter put green food coloring on the bottom of my snacks!

Mother said stop making that face or ur face will stay like that. Or I'f we made fun of someone your face might end up being like that.

The lie my grandma told us was if you drink coffee too young it turns your butt black.

We told my daughter is she was bad a boogy man would poop on her bed.

When my kids were little if I could tell they weren''t truthful, I''d stare at the top of their head & say that it was glowing...it got to the pointwhere they''d run in the bathroom & look in the mirror B4 they would tell me something...

We use to go to a seafood restaurant when we were little. My brother and I had a hard time sitting down so my mom told us there were fish under the booth and they were going to bite us if we didn''t sit down. So I use to sit crisscross applesauce to eat afterwards.

We used to tell our kids that if they didn''t brush their teeth the bugs that lived in that would eat them out of their face. They all have great teeth now.. lol

My grandpa used to tell me that if we didn''t pray before we ateour food that our food would turn into green rocks in our stomachs. I believed it until I was 12. >&< &@

To not dig in their bellybuttons we used to tell them if they picked at their bellybutton their butts would fall out.

My mom told us that if we ate our boogers worms would grow in our stomach.

If you swear dragonflies will sew your mouth shut

My wife was told if you drink the bath water you will turn into a goat.

I tell my 4 yr old I'm going to take her to the "bad kids house" if she's not good, where she can't live with mom and dad and it's in the scary woods

My uncle, whom has a really deep voice would "double" as our Santa! If my kids were misbehaving, we'd call Santa aka my uncle, who would set them straight!

My husband had a vasectomy in March. The U called it vas madness. They included tickets to a Jazz game with the vasectomy.

I had my kids believing that I could tell him when they''re lying. I would do by having them sit down at the dinner table extending their arms out with the palms of their hands facing up. This was my homemade lie detector test. I would put my thumbs on their wrists and would ask them random questions that I already knew the answers to so they would think it worked. This always worked great when I needed to get the truth out of them. I love your show listener bill

We told our kids that their ears turn red when they lie. When they would tell us something, they would either cover their ears or show them to us. "See mom, I’m not lying, my ears aren''t red."

When they were really young and it would rain I’d tell them God was crying, then ask them what they did to make him cry. Sometimes it would turn into the funniest confessionals, but there was never punishment attached to this entertainment.

My dad used to tell us that if we picked our nose, there was a hungry booger king that lived in our nose and he would bite our finger off...we believed him!

My dad used to tell me the music the ice cream man played meant he was all out of ice cream

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