TEXT TOPIC: Passive Aggressive Tuesday-March 26,2019

my moms BF just leave. We don't like u and never have. Thanks for draining my moms bank account after my dad died. Just leave

Quit trying to sabotage my new relationship! I''m very happy and don''t want you back! So quit bringing up old things from our relationship to try and cause problems in my new relationship! #overyou

Please be respectful of your coworkers and show up on time and work, then don't leave early and complain your checks are so small.

to my co-worker you don't need to belittle people because you think your high class. No one likes you because your a bitch. Being aggressive isn't cool

you expected me to be so excited that you're expecting when you weren't supportive after I lost my baby last month

teenage son stay out of my drawers and you will not find the sex toys. You're not supposed to be there.

A two weeks notice means working for two more weeks. It does not mean here is my two weeks notice and BTW today is my last day so have fun figuring out the rest of my shifts.

hey neighbor take down your Christmas tree already. You've had it up for 2 years now.

To my dearest mother in law: I am not the family floozy. Why don't you say that to your son whose not even going to finish college

I always buy things for my friend and buy them food/things but when it comes to my friend he says some stupid excuse and he gets to be really selfish

stop letting your kids walk your dog off leash! They never pickup the poop = animal control will be at your door soon

To my downstairs neighbor. I caught you on cam rubbing dogshiz on my car. You'll be getting a visit from the local precinct. #vandalism

you controlled every decision in my life for 45 years. I gave you hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was all based on lies and made up crap. Now I am free

to the guy behind me honking & riding my ass keep it up and brake check your ass and get a new car don't decide to drive fast now cause I got in front of u

get ur crap 2gthr if 2 teen bys r TERIFIED 2 go 2 moms thats a major prob How can u say u cant do anything just cuz there’s no physical violence

woke up and there was a pile of dog poop in my yard. We don't own dogs. So lame!

o my insurance, you should really cover the speech therapy for a 5 year old. Trying to say he got speech through the school system so you won't cover it is

My co worker rides my coat tail and get paid WAY more than me. Will you just quit before you're fired. It's been going on for too long.

To the mom and daughter at the Jazz game last Sat that was making fun of the pregnant women in front of you.. SHAME ON YOU. She is prettier than you will ever be. I am glad her husband stood up to you. You Wench.

baby WAS planned, I took ovulation test, you volunteered to do it, quit saying baby wasn't planned

just because you drive an $80,000 bmw doesn't mean you didn't scrape my car. You're a terrible driver and you're just mad I caught you.

we don't care that you were up all night dry humping your husband, quit falling asleep at work

managers please update your inventory online to a select what is actually in stores I went to three stores looking for something

Hey in laws, don't come into MY home and be rude to me! It's my home. If you can't be nice GO HOME!

to my wife quit playing games. You left me. Your nice to ask for money then treat me like trash. Your 36 get a job

To everyone that doesn't understand how a schools zone works you better learn. Slow down! I've contacted the local PD

stop assigning your own published books for class reading. How about getting off your high-horse and welcome diverse opinions? I know you thrive in being a published Phd

Funny that you''re taking to me to court for missed visitation because I want to take our son to graduation on you''re weekend when you show up less than 5% of your allotted time. You''re an uninvolved dead beat. Screw you. I succeeded without you and he''s going to be there to see it.

maroon sub who hit us and took off Sunday on I 15 going at 80 mph hope you know there was a 6 year old and a 6 month old baby in the car hope karma get you A hole

Just cuz were in an argument doesn't mean I'm going to change the phn# on our Smith's card. Grow up!

Dear boss, quit spending your day gossiping or consoling everyone on their bad days. I am sick of picking up your slack and you are not a therapist.

Get to the point, I don't need or have time for a 20 minute story every time

You're already auditing us. We shouldn't have to provide food for you.

hey planted mole now CEO. Why don''t you get off your ass in your ivory tower and see what is actually going on in project in your company. You will soon see people won''t take your threats.

if you're at a deserted park and someone is running the track don't stand there and stare them, you are being a creeper & making the runner uncomfortable.

hey BS why don't you stop talking down to people and coach them.

You are not in charge of our lives Katrina.

hey other supervisor. Your employees hate you. You know why? Because you talk down to them. Stop being a bosshole and actually work!

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