TEXT TOPIC: Who took your thunder on social media by posting your news?

My Brother's BIL posted about the passing of another one of my Brothers before any of the ACTUAL SIBLINGS posted/told the people we needed to tell. #DUMBASS

My hubby and I were long distance and we were buying a home so I could move here. He was going to surprise me with the keys and a "friend" posted onFacebook first. Not only did she ruin the surprise but stole the thunder too.

My girlfriend & her mom prematurely announced we were engaged, I hadn't proposed. I was planning to break up with her

I think posting wedding pics are fine but that''s me. I enjoyed seeing the pics others had while we waited for our pics to be done. And the family wasall there anyway. Baby being born not ok because not all is there.

My aunt posted on FB about my dad's passing before any of us could.

I have a friend who waited til birth to find out gender of her baby. She had everyone pumped to find out and someone else announced the gender

It's my niece, 2012 my 2 kids & I graduated from college & high school I asked her to take pictures of the 3 of us in our cap & gown. Had to pull them off FB.

Our inbox was flooded with messages of support about my wife's father cancer news. We didn't even know yet. Her sister posted about it before we even knew

My MIL outed my husband and I''s engagement months BEFORE my husband proposed on facebook. people were asking to see my ring when i didnt have one. Her excuse was (and she still uses this excuse for similar situations) was "no one ever reads my posts".

Father in law posted a picture of our baby less than 15 minutes after giving birth.

It's my MOM she announced my pregnancies before me. I announced the sex of our last one ( finally had our girl) before I told her so I would have a chance

My sister posted pictures of our first baby. She didn''t even take the pic! It was shared to her by my parents. We weren''t sure we wanted pics of himon social media

Our step mom always steals the thunder from our actual mother. She loves beating my mom to the punch when posting. She did it when I got engaged over a year ago, and then last week when my brother got engaged. It drives my mom crazy!

Me! when I was 17, my mom told me my sister was getting engaged so I posted on Facebook how excited I was for her. What my mom meant was that she wasgetting engaged LATER THAT NIGHT so I announced her news before it even happened. Luckily she didn''t see it before he proposed but a lot of other ppl did.

My mom posted my college admission announcement before I even decided where I was going.

Last year, I found out I was pregnant. At around 5 wks, I told my mom&dad in a cute and was hoping private way. Well, my dad was snapping the wholething And spilled the beans. Way earlier than I would have liked. Grrr.

I have a cousin who once posted a picture of her brother baby''s ultrasound and said she was pregnant. She later put in the comments that it''s her brother''s picture and congratulated them! The second time, she also posted their engagement before the couple posted about it!

Dad in law. We did a gender reveal with parents & sibs & ON THEIR WAY HOME he posted on fb. Found out when my BFF texted me congrats. I was livid!

wasn't going 2 announce pregnancy bc of past miscarriages. Mom posted news on fb w/o permission & then I miscarried a week later.

The second time was our second child and mom in law shared on fb when baby came. We hadn''t made it public that we were expecting. Stop sharing other people''s news before they do!

I found out my grandpa died on social media before my parents had a chance to tell me because someone else posted it immediately.

Sis in law posted my engagement on FB never realized until family was tagging me in comments. Now I prego, not telling a soul.

First pregnancy. Surprised our fam and friends with announcing. Neither of us had told our employers. Bro in law and dad in law shared it on fb DURING the party.

My bishop's wife posted pics of my wedding ceremony before I had a chance, b/c I was on honeymoon (her hubs married us). I was livid!

My in-laws posted to Facebook that my baby had been born as soon as I was in the recovery room. My parents were out of town and I hadn''t been able to get a hold of them yet.

A friend has an autistic son who was so excited to be a big brother, he posted it on Facebook with pictures of the ultrasound weeks before his mom planned on announcing her pregnancy

My husband and I decided to keep our wedding quiet we just didn''t want a big thing. We hadn''t told even a lot of our close friends. So as soon as the wedding was over my sister and Mom put pictures all over Facebook about it. My friends and family were not happy to see that I got married and they hadno idea

My dad is always on Facebook and posted both of my babies before I wanted my last baby he was there and tagged the location and I almost had certainfamily show up I didn''t want there at all still love you tho dad

My mother in law posted pics and announced the birth of my daughter before I even held her. Still have not forgiven her. I was DEVASTATED! My mommyheart was completely crushed. She is not invited to the next childs birth at all and she knows it. Not cool people. Don''t EVER do it!

My therapist accidentally told my dad (with whom I have a lot of relationship issues) that I was about to get engaged. He had no idea and I actually caused

It's my in laws. I don't post a lot, so my MIL takes it upon herself to post all our families life events.

My mother does this because she's a big mouth!! Can't stand it.

I have a BIG burn on my neck too. It looks awful!!!! I can't even put make up on it because it hurts so bad.

My MIL shared the news of our sons birth last year on fb. My husband asked her to take it down which she then posted. "Feeling heartbroken, cryingmyself to sleep tonight". Really lady?! Wtf

A family member and I found out we''re pregnant around the same time and she posted that she was pregnant immediately right after I posted that I waspregnant and couldn''t even wait until the next day because she wanted the likes

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