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I won in court against my EX. If she doesn't move back to Utah County a she loses custody.

I started dating a guy again that I dated over a year ago. I felt like he was the one that got away & this time is so much different & I'm beyond happy.

I'm headed to Vegas Friday to see Michael Buble

My husband & I are closing on our very first house this friday!

Found out I'm 6 weeks and due November!!!

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year and I finally am! And it looks like it's twins!!!!

This weekend my grandson (nicknamed Spud) celebrated his 4th Birthday! It was the highlight of my Sunday!

It's my birthday this Wednesday ! I am turning 19 & it's going to be good weather so yay good news !

After being un-happy w/ my job for a long time, I gave my resignation. I'm so proud of me for being brave!

My family spontaneously decided to go to Disneyland next week! Sooo excited to go!

Something great, My daughter is turning 1 on Friday!!! Where has the time gone??

Good news: they start sheet rocking our house this week! Hoping for a finished home by June. This is our first home so we're soooo excited.

We will be grandparents in October!

New pay promotion kicks in today! God is good

Happy 20th Birthday to my son Michael. This was the day I became a mom for the first time.

My daughter took her first steps!!

Good-news: I just need to get through this week of teaching then its our Spring Break!

1st good thing, you guys are back!! 2nd celebrated my 33rd bday Sat and had an awesome weekend with my family, went Crystal hot springs and got massages!

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