TEXT TOPIC: Have you conquered a fear or trying to conquer a fear?

I'm afraid of heights and I recently went skydiving to conquer my fear

I recently conquered my fear of flying in a helicopter = whenmy boyfriend took me on a helicopter ride Ofer Vegas on January

I have tokophobia. Im currently getting over it during my pregnancy. Its been hard. I have constant anxiety and nightmares. But im getting past it

I've stayed away from science classes all through college and earned a degree that I didn''t love. I''m going back to school now at 28 and taking all of the science classes. I''m still scared but I have to try!!

I was terrified of going to the doctor, hadn't been in 15 years. But I finally went this year and survived!

Jess, my daughter is finishing 6th grade and her school hasn't had anything about maturation. Just the separate boys/girls in 5th grade.

They will do boys and girls together in 6th grade.

My son is in 6th grade and they did not combine the boys and girls for more info.

Jess, in 6th grade he will learn about girls.

I am 42 and have always been terrified of being alone at night. Every light in the house on. Phone in hand. Every single noise would wake me up paralyzed. No more. I can shut off every light, not even lock the door, sleeping sound. All my gratitude to God! I didn''t do it! Pretty awesome though.

I was afraid of water. Recently got scuba certified.

Held off on divorce out of fear. A year after filing for divorce I realize I am stronger than I thought I was.

Trying to conquer my anxiety/ fear over my 15 yr old getting his drivers permit & him being out on the road with all the dumb drivers in this state.

My wife and i were in Pacific Beach in San Diego last week and we went snorkeling. I'm terrified of the open ocean but I did it!

I am pregnant and due in a couple weeks! (Yay!) But I am terrified that of the birthing process. Everyone is telling me that I will we fine. But this is my first pregnancy and have never done this before. My husband is super supportive but no matter what I have to go through it.

I'm afraid of heights. I went zip lining a few months ago. Can't wait to go again. So fun

My five-year-old daughter just conquered the cannibal at Lagoon last year I told her she had to go because I wanted to go and someone might steal herif she was alone so she got up walked on ride to the front of the line and jumped on I took a picture of her face it''s priceless

I'm deathly afraid of heights but my husband had always wanted to go skydiving so I sucked it up for his birthday and I loved it!

My husband has been terrified of the ocean, probably becuz he watched Jaws as a child. But he just recently went swimming/snorkeled while in Hawaii

Hated needles. Like still cried at the Dr.'s office about shots in my teens... embarrassing. Started donating blood, now I'm fine.

Trying to let the fear of driving

I used to be terrified of getting into the ocean. This past week I snorkeled with stingrays in the Caribbean and loved it!!!

Currently have PP-OCD. It's been an extremely stressful time but I am getting over my fears everyday.

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