TEXT TOPIC: Is someone pushing themselves to be a part of your wedding?

my sister in law. =D now she still bitches about the dress she had to wear. Yes it I was hot pink

my now mother-in-law was pushing that her daughter's be my maids of honor instead of my sister. I won the battle.

I kid you not, a friend I had a falling out with showed up the morning of my wedding with all my other bridesmaids with her own dress and she was not asked to be a bridesmaid. Everyone was so shocked we couldn’t say anything and she got away with it.

when I was engaged my step mom called me and lectured me about not having my dad more involved in my coming wedding. We have never been close so I didn’t want to parade him in public. I ended up involving him more but now we’re not speaking so I regret falling for her guilt trip

cousin told me that they better be bridesmaids. I said No because my sisters will be the bridesmaids. Day of, both didn't even show up until the reception

my wife''s family pressured her, if 1 of the nieces & nephews are in, u need to include ALL of them. 

BFF was deciding if she should have a certain friend of ours as a bridesmaid, decided to ask her b/c her whole family would hold a huge grudge.

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