TEXT TOPIC: Did you text the wrong person by mistake?

thanksgiving my sister sent a text to her husband that our mom was being crazy (she was) but it sent to my mom instead. So awkward! Holiday we won't forget

meant to text sister about coming with me to sell an item on ksl to someone who gave me the creepy vibe

text my friend that the supervisor was next door flirting again and the supervisor answered back that I sent that to him. Embarrassed!!!

got knocked up fairly young by a total dum dum and my dad sent a message NOT for me saying that I had ruined my life and that he didn''t know how I was ever going to be successful. Fast forward to now I own a 6 figure agency and my daughter is on the Junior Olympic circuit for gymnastics. It was hard but we have an amazing life!

my friend called me to complain about her boyfriend. I went to text my boyfriend at the time venting how annoying she was with how much they fight. Yeah. Sent it to my friend that just called me.

meant 2 send a text 2 a friend about a date, I went on about how cute he is. Sent it to him instead...I blushed head2toe

myself and a coworker was going back and forth about a bill with a vendor. I was frustrated and meant to reply to just the coworker, comment was would you please help this poor guy before he has a meltdown! Oops sent reply all his response was don’t worry I won’t meltdown

my now father-in-law sent a text message to me that he meant for my husband. Said how he felt my husband was making the biggest mistake of his life being with me and that my husband needed to break up with me. 10 years later and two kids were still together we don’t talk much to my father-in-law

Thought I was sending a romantic gesture to my boyfriend nope sent it to my doctor I work for I could not look at him for a week

a former coworker of mine meant to send an "up close" risqu pic to his gf, accidentally text his very religious aunt.

mean to text my boyfriend "I love you" but I accidentally sent it to my ex husband

friend sent a masturbation vid intended for spouse to her boss who is a Mormon bishop!!!!

I was messaging my dad and a co-worker at the same time went to message my dad love you have a good day it was sent to my coworker instead

When my cousin was a missionary, he had a girlfriend back home that he was planning on marrying when he returned. I received a email from his dad telling him to think twice about the girl, not rush into things when he got back, she''s changed, etc. Apparently my uncle had hit reply ALL to the last missionary email so ALL of his friends and family members received this email. Including the girl. Ouch.

I was dating my now wife at the time living with my dad. Accidentally text my little sister asking if she wanted to take a shower. Awkward!! FML

texted my sister complaining about my mother in law. Sent it to my husband by mistake

was texting an old manager asking if I could use her as a reference. During our texting she sent me a text saying "I can''t wait to suck your BLANK when I get home from work." She immediately sent another text that that was for her husband and said she was so embarrassed.

meant to send a picture of a band that I was watching to a friend mind you I''ve been drinking a lot the camera was face the other way and I sent him my chest and said his wife saw the next day and it took me almost two weeks to convince her that we were not having an affair

invited a couple to our house for a party and I got a response back from the wife telling her husband how they can use their daughter as an excuse to leave early

work at a school and a secretary sent an email to the whole faculty about students in faculty parking lot and the reprimand she got was sent as reply all so we all read the email chewing her out.

after my ex texted me a question about the kids, the next text I got from him was good morning beautiful... he quickly called me. I''m so sorry wrong person! CLEARLY, thanks!

my husband wanted to send me a message saying I'm horny. Sent it to his mom. He crumbled to the floor when he figured it out. Ha ha

messaging my boyfriend and baby daddy went to send a revealing picture and I love you to boyfriend went to baby daddy instead

My ex boyfriend sent me a text saying he loved me for the first time. Or so I thought... he meant to send it to his daughter.. but after he said tome "it still applies to you, I guess".

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