TEXT TOPIC: Do you wanna highlight someone's sobriety?

s/o 2 my mom for 23 yrs sober 4m alcohol and 25 +yrs from a variety of drugs. Drugs she gave up for her kids and alcohol she gave up for her grandkids.

my husband is 5 years sober from a porn addiction! I'm very proud of him and he hasn't relapsed

4/20 this yr is my 7yrs in recovery frm pain pills bt i was doin all drugs pretty much. I still see my counselor cuz im still an addict. I love lifenow & i cant imagine going back.

one of my best friends has been sober from hard drugs 15 years

I want to give a shoutout to my coworker Liz. She is a little over 100 days sober of alcohol. I am so proud of her for deciding to check herself into a 30 day program right after Thanksgiving.

my father-in-law was an alcoholic for 40 years and is now four years sober.

I have been listening to a podcast W.A.R workout addiction recovery. Very inspiring and a great program in Farmington.

I stopped drinking soda pop 1 1/2 years ago, lost 20 lbs!! Feel better, when I was given a soda tried to drink to not be rude. Didn't taste good at all.

June 5th will be my 7th year sober from alcohol.

shout out to Casey and Kate for their sobriety. They are amazing examples of changing your life! Congrats guys!!

Sober for 68 days. Got real treatment this time. BEST thing I have ever done.

been sober 12 years from meth! Have made the promise to myselfI will never do it again. That promise is so strong that I give 0 shits if anyone doubts me. =

I''ve been sober from alcohol for 7 months. Went through a really rough divorce and decided I was done being a victim. My boyfriend followed a couplemonths later. He has been sober almost 5 months and I am SO beyond proud of him! This is a 40 year old man who has been drinking since he was a teenager.We went through a really tough time before we decided to stop drinking and now we are stronger and more in love than ever.

I am 340 days clean from heroin! It took kicking my husband to the curb, but has been well worth it! My boys and I are so much happier now.

I was addicted to pain killers. To the point I would drive high, I never had an accident but I''m sorry. I would be cranky and tired all day. 1 day my 3-year-old said "Mommy is mean!" My heart broke that day. I will never forgive myself. Those 3 words changed my life and I am now 2 years sober.

my oldest son just passed his 2yr clean from narcotics. SO proud of him. Beating his demons and working hard to be the best he can be. Awesome!

I'm so proud of my boyfriend! This month he hit 6 months totally sober! He's so strong and amazing.. love you babe

used drugs in bad marriage for 3 years. Stopped 13 years ago. 1 week relapse 9 years ago. Stopped cold when my daughter called me out on FB.

My 23yo daughter 6 months sober! Made the decision on her own after 3 yrs. So proud of her changes.

I don''t have any personal experience with addiction but I''m a therapist and have worked with people struggling with addiction. I just wanted to say Congratulations for all those with sobriety! It''s a tough battle and you deserve to be recognized for that!

My sweet brother is not necessarily sober but he''s no where near the physical belligerent drunk he once was. I don''t even think he gets drunk anymore. So proud of where he is today. I love you Dylan!!

I would like to give a shoutout to my mom who is 16 years sober from meth. I know it's still a daily struggle but she's amazing.

Almost three years clean off meth. #godisgood

as of March 5th I am 9 years clean from heroin meth and pain pills

I am over four years sober of a 10 plus year herion and meth binge <>

To my husband who went cold Turkey and has been sober for 3 years and gets his license officially back next week!

HUGE shoutout to my uncle who has been sober for about 8 years from hard drugs! SO PROUD OF YOU!

Little over two years of being free of my eating disorder. I never thought life could be this good.

haven't touched any soda in 5 plus years. Used to down 6-8 a day.

my cousin is more than a year off of heroin

I am so proud of my husband that chooses life over heroin. He has never looked back and continues to amaze everyone with his success in life. He is our

my ex husband and children's father has been sober a little over a year!! Huge shoutout to Cody!! Keep up the good work your kids need you.

my brother was addicted to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes for 10 years. In May he will be 2 years sober from all of it!! Couldn't be more proud of him!

4/20 this yr will b my 7yrs in recovery!

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