TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a memory from 1987?

in 87 I was a sophomore in HS, working as a bagger at Stop & Shop in Ogden and actually bagged Mike Farrell''s groceries (BJ from MASH) also got his autograph too.

I was in 2nd grade. The kangaroo rat escaped its cage and it ran around the room. all the boys were on their desks screaming like little girls.

I was 3, living in riverton and I had a cow named moo moo.

TBT I was 3 living in a old yellow painted house and my parents got divorced

that's the same year that adventure in babysitting came out

Bring it Frankie. Anyone raised in the 80's is VERY LUCKY. I can't wait. BRING IT FRANKIE!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Found the love of my life and married her after knowing her for only 3 weeks. We're both still in love after 31 years of marriage. Score!

I graduated from grammar school. Jennifa from Jersey

I was born June 1987

1987-year I was born. I peed down my dads arm when he held me the first time. He reminds me every year on my birthday hahaha

Frankie and Jess

Frankie and Jess

Frankie and Jess on 97.1 ZHT! Read more


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