TEXT TOPIC: What big opportunity did you pass up and you regret it?

I was offered to be one of the producers with a movie in 2001...It was set on an island in Jamaica...I was told it wouldn''t amount to anything and it wouldn''t make money. After careful consideration I decided to not...the film was Pirates of the Caribbean. Big mistake

was 19 and had the opportunity to get my pilots license for $3,000. I thought it was too expensive...little did I know

when I was 18 this creepy older man told me if i married him I'd never have to work a day in my life. Kind of wishing now I'd taken him up on that haha

My husband was offered land in Eagle Mountain before there were so many houses/developments. He was young and was like WTF would I do with land? Uhhhhh you sell it and be rich fool!!!!

when Bitcoin first started I had opportunity to buy approximately 2400 Bitcoin for $1,000 i passed. I hate my boss and work for myself

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