TEXT TOPIC: Makeup Topics!

We threw these couple topics out:

Has your spouse never seen you without makeup?

Have you broke up with someone because you saw them without makeup?

Do you think your spouse wears too much makeup?

my ex broke up with me because I didn't wear make up to try and impress him. I am a natural beauty don't need it.

1rst and 2nd marriage not until we''d been married a year. Didn''t seem to bother either husband. 17 years married 3rd husband just over 9 years and especially after what Frankie said he hasn''t nor EVER will. Only the rare times I had surgery and was told I couldn''t wear any I still wore the bare minimum where no one could tell.

My sister in law wears lots of makeup she wears it to bed or she''d wake up and do her makeup before he woke she told me it was because her frecklesshe was insecure and we knew her when she was lil and I told her we seen the freackles!!! We know u have em and don''t care! I on other had have chickenpox scars and a scar on my check from an accident and I dnt wear makeup most of time. Ur beautiful no matter what!

after I broke up with a girl we got in a major fight. I told her that at least now when I go home at night I don’t need to wipe makeup cakes off of my face because we kissed!-- I literally had to throw out shirts because I would use them to wipe HER makeup off of MY face! Yikes.

been w/husband for 3 yrs hes only seen me without a handful of times maybe and he thinks I wear too much. O well it makes me comfortable

had a roommate in college that would that took an hour to put makeup on and didn''t look like the same person. We called her "Birthday Cake B@#%*" cause her makeup was caked on so thick and she was mean

First real job a decade ago. I was 17, my boss told me I''d look better with makeup on. I felt like that wasn''t cool of him to say. I was 17!!So I stopped wearing makeup all together. My husband says I''m pretty. So F you old boss.

growing up we had to wait for my step mom to put her makeup on and do her hair before we could open Christmas presents.

had a neighbor who I always saw with makeup on. One day she had to come talk to police outside of our house because her kid was involved with something minor and she had no makeup on. Omg I always thought her face looked pretty until I saw her with no makeup. Big time night and day difference

luckily my boyfriend didn''t break up with me when he saw me without make up on. But he did get really concerned about my health and asked why I was so pale. he thought I was sick!

Was told I didn''t get a promotion at work because I don''t wear makeup. The promotion was at a call center where we never see customers so why does me not wearing makeup matter? I was livid

had a boyfriend in high school, when I was 16, that told me I didn't need to wear foundation on my face, so I stopped and haven't worn it since.

and that was over 20 years ago.

I've only seen my fianc wear makeup maybe two or three times, BEAUTIFUL with or without makeup.

My father thought my step mother was a very tan woman and one day he saw her without her make up. Apparently she is very pale with freckles and he thought this was someone else breaking into the house. Shouldn''t have called 911, he slept on the couch for a week.

this makeup subject is making me laugh, but also Kind of pissing me off. So guys will complain about girls wearing too much makeup, but 9 times out of 10, they will hit on or date the fake girl who hides under her makeup, while so many women are feeling more and more insecure or like the "ugly duckling" because they choose to be more natural and wear a normal amount of makeup. No wonder so many girls think they have to cake it on!

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