TEXT TOPIC: Family member that always says: I, Me, My not Us, Our and We?

my brother always says "My parents got divorced when I was in 3rd grade and it messed me up." Um.... they are my parents too Dum Dum! We are in our 30''s! Get over it!

My wife of 31 years still to this day always says I and me instead of we. For instance if I had the idea to take our oldest son and wife out to dinner she would call them and said hey I want to know if you guys want to go to dinner. And I''d always corrector you mean we oh yeah we want to know if you guys want to go to dinner. Or she''ll refer to our house is my house my car

I / My...my wife (she''s still asleep). I do a ton of stuff that ends up as her idea or she somehow did alone without my help...that''s where the "I did this for you" or...you get the idea. Happens A LOT, but only bothers me when this happens with our kids.

My husband always says I need to save money for the yard/home improvements.... and he always says can you help.... never a we.... so annoying

my daughter's dad is always calling our child "my child" constantly. He hasn't seen her in one year and lives 20-30 minutes away.

My in laws never acknowledge me. When we get them gifts its always look what uncle gave you. Oh let''s go to uncle''s house. I''ve been with my husband for 14 yrs

it''s me I was in a bad relationship before and he kept everything to himself and now I''m in an amazing relationship and I do catch my self saying mine a lot and my husband says " ours" and he understands but I do try to say ours

Me and my brother always say My Mom to each other. Some times we correct each other times we just let it slip. We talk about our momma a lot to other people so sometimes it''s just reflex

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