TEXT TOPIC: What is making you mad lately? Passive Aggressive Tuesday!

When you make $21 an hour more than me and you don’t have custody you should't be asking me to pay you child support. Grow the hell up and learn how to follow a damn budget Matthew.

Yelling at your staff you deserve respect because of your position, classy. Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

dear husband stop asking why house is dirty. I work full time, just like you! While taking care of 10-month old. Stop being lazy & help!

Dear mother in law, you complain about not seeing your grandkids but when I take them over after two months of not seeing them, you stay in your room the whole time.

YOU already had a girl and pursued ME. Now you blame and ghost me when your relationship falls apart. You're a coward.

Just because I had a miscarriage before I knew I was pregnant doesn't make it any easier stop saying I'm lucky and I don't know how it really is

If you see a mess & don't like it, don't bitch about it, help out and pick it ip.

you're a piece of shit mom and that's why your daughter begs to come live with her dad and I. I know you're jealous of us but that doesn't mean you need to

You've taught for 54 years, students can't stand you, you're losing your mind. Retire already.

that lady that bit her kid 100% on her side. These snowflakes these days are the way they are because there parents never spanked them growing up ! I have 3 kids I will always make sure when they do something wrong I''ll discipline my kids!

Why do feel the need to spit on the sidewalk where we all walk and have to see it? There are bushes right there! If you need to spit -- go for the bushes. Gross!

you are the worst person my dad could've married after my mom died. Stop being so insecure. Stop competing with a ghost and maybe my family would like you.

To all the clueless drivers: Figure it out or get off the road!

stop using your kids as an excuse everytime you are late or can't come into work. We know you're lying! One day your lies might come true

when I tell you something, that I only told you, don't go around telling everyone you know, it's rude and destroys my trust in you. Thanks.

Dear boss you’re an Idiot!!!

It already hurts I can't come around but ignoring me is giving me Justin Bieber like struggles.

Thank you ex mother in law for throwing away all my yearbooks and photos of my son just because I did not show up to move on time. You suck

I wish my friend would get off his butt and finally find a job instead he just sits around and has his wife work.

I don't care if you can't speak English the giant fire truck showing up in front of your house every time you burn trash means don't keep doing it!

dear Utah driver , you signal before you merge into a lane not 3 -5 seconds after .. read the handbook again

You have more than 1 son and more than 1 daughter in law. Quit playing favorites and excluding us.

check the toilet seat after you poo we're sick of seeing yur evidence, stall 1 u know who u are

I don't owe you for giving birth to me. Quit using that to try & manipulate me. Also, respect & honor does not mean I do whatever U tell me to do.

Mom, you don't have to accept my sexuality, But stop being so childish about it, you're missing out on your grandkids.

MA it's PINterest not PIN-INterest. You know this. It's not cute. It's annoying. Gaaa!

Dear best friend! After working together for 25 years it would be real swell if you could make it to work on time. Not just once in awhile but ALL the time!!!

Stop complaining to me about how much you have to pay for taxes. You have no kids at home, your house is paid off, and you make a shit ton every year.


Quit driving with your brights on, especially if it's because you're too lazy to fix the low beam you have out.

People over 30 you don't need a selfie every other day

Being a good Father is more than paying child support. Wake up and get involved in your kids lives

Clean up your dog's poop!

Yelling at your staff you deserve respect because of your position, classy. Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

Quit telling everyone how much money our family has, you married into this and should be humble not flaunt it!!

To my co worker who tells me every morning that I look tired, I’m actually not tired I’m just very pale so thank you for making me feel like I look like poo everyday

I'm the office manager not maid quit telling me when there is a mess and clean it up yourself our all over 21

If you're not feeling someone when it comes to dating just be honest don't ghost someone and make excuses

mother in law- we said we're not raising our kids in the church, respect that and quit giving them church lessons every time you babysit or you will not be

If I have the FLU, and I can't stand up and you are home, it's your responsibility to cook dinner and care for the kids! Be an adult!

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