TEXT TOPIC: The person in the family that won't call you by your real name

Who's the person in the family that won't call you by your real name? 

My wifes dad. He calls her "red" and calls me "that boy". Never heard him say our names

My transgender sister started transitioning and my grandparents refused to call her by her new name. Rude!

I work in childcare and once had a little girl, mom and dad were separated, mom named her Lilly, dad wanted phoenix. While with her mom and at daycare she was Lilly with Dad and his family she was Phoenix.

it's me. My 14 yr old niece wants to be a boy and wants us all to call her by her boy name. I just can't, I still call her by her female name.

I stubbornly call my brother by his middle name and refuse to change. He decided to switch to his first name when he was in middle school and I was in high school. I just can''t switch it in my head. My kids and I are the only ones to still use his middle name, even my parents switched.

my uncle''s name is Orville-he HATES it and goes by "Lucky". My dad refuses to call him that, says his name is Orville and what kind of a name is lucky anyway. I was 16 b4 I found out uncle lucky wasn''t lucky.

my only rule in naming our kids was no names that usually have nicknames. (Zachary-Zach, Jonathan-Jon Gwendolyn-Gwen, etc). My father in law died when I was pregnant with my son and my husband wanted to name the baby after his father- Nicholas. So his name is Nick. we have an aunt that calls him Nicholas and I hate it. His name is just NICK! Even though I tried to avoid it I still ended up with the same problem.

My ex hubby calls his mom sweetie! We had many discussions with his mom and he refused to call her anything else it made me really uncomfortable and I hated it. He was 23 years old and still had to go upstairs and tell them goodnight every night. Talk about attachment issues. Reason 1/641 we got an annulment. Thank you Jesus.

My dad calls my niece "Baby" since she was born. She’s 11 now and he still calls her that.

my mother in law could Not pronounce my niece's name, so she just calls her Goalie. It's been 22 years.

sis won't call my daughter Korlee bc it's our mom's name so she calls her midge/midget. Her reasoning there's only 1 Kolree. Mom passed 21 yrs ago.

My nieces name is Ari but I call her Rilla (she was born with fine black hair all over her body) & if I ever had another kid, I was going to use that name.

my grandma refuses to call my brother by his name which is Logan. She will only use his middle name and call him Baby Paul. He''s 40 years old, come on grandma!!!

my daughters name is Josie. Not short for anything. My in laws only call her Josephine bcuz it's more "timeless". Now she is confused on what her name is.

my sister in law has started calling my daughter Cage... Her nickname is KJ... How much more can you shorten that?? It drives my husband crazy!

my nephews name is Texton and they call him Bobby. Not sure why but it's been that way from day one.

Friend's grandparents cant/refuse to say her daughter's name Aurora so they use her middle name of Catherine and call her Cathy.

Son's uncle calls him his middle name Leo, because he says Brodie is too hard to pronounce haha

My in-laws refuse to call my son Xander. They tried in the beginning but pronounced it X-Zander. Now they just call him Alex & it ticks me off.

my parents named me Samantha when I was born but my grandpa hated the name and refused to call me that so my parents changed my name. My siblings still call me Sammie

My nephews name is Truman. I have always called him Harry. It took my other sister two years to finally get the joke

my daughter is Kaydince Nicole and when she was born my sister said she doesn't look like a Kaydince so she called her Nicole for a year

It's me, my nephews are twins and i never knew who is who, so i just call them babies, they're 21. Lol

this is my grandma all the way. When anyone is pregnant and tells her the name they plan on for the baby, she decides whether or not it''s appropriate and whether she will call the child that name. Example my aunt wanted to name her daughter Berlin and my grandma told everybody that it was a stripper name and she would never use it. Berlin is now 13 and luckily she caved on that one.

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