TEXT TOPIC: Stress as a parent?

What are you stressing about right now when it comes to your kids? 

my son is 15 months and won't fall asleep on his own - he has to fall asleep in our bed. Nervous bcuz we have a baby coming in June.

I'm trying to figure out how to get a stubborn child to do her work in school and not disrupt her class.

12yr old suspended, 6th time, w/no return date, did a Neuro feedback testing & trying to find the $$ to pay for the therapy. I just wanna help him.

I am stressed about being a young mom with a toddler with major attitude and a 4 month old #nosleep :(

dealing with my daughter who is 18 mo today, hitting and cant understand the word "no": she will purposely do something just to see a reaction rather we give her one or not, we''ve tried everything in the book! We are desperate

I'm trying to help my 10 year old grieve properly for the loss of his stillborn brother, while learning how to function with his newly diagnosed ADD. STRESS

I'm dealing with the elementary kids calling my son gay. And trying to help him understand what that even means.

starting my child on medication for ADD and his dad doesnt agree with it but he suffering with anxiety, depression, and grades.

pushing my sons grades he's in 9th grade and it counts for college my parents never pushed me and it was hard when college came super stressful!

dealing with a 13 year old girl bullying my daughter. Her mom is oblivious to the problem said her daughter is doing nothing wrong by telling my daughter she is glad she broke her arm so she can smash it more. WTH

have an infant with spina bifida, a threenager, and a kindergartener who is struggling with behavior at school. Some days I think I''m just not going to make it. =)

I am dealing with parenting stress at both ends of the spectrum. I have a 19 year old that has zero motivation to get a job or do anything with himself. And then I have a 2 year old that won''t go to sleep in his own bed. He falls asleep in our bed and I get up around midnight and take him to bed. It''s hard, but easier than fighting at bedtime for him to go to be in his own bed. All of it is exhausting.

18 year old boy on the autism spectrum...he's graduating this year & I'm not sure about his future. Can't get a break from the worry...

the stressful part is neither school is safe walking distance, no carpool that I've found and we don't qualify for bus service either. I'm stuck.

stress about my almost 2 year old daughter being around her alcoholic, narcissistic, manipulative father! I stress about her picking up on his mannerisms! I worry everyday about her because I don''t want her to have the same addiction/struggles when she is older!

My daughter was being bullied and school and I got so bad we switch schools she had been depressed and not herself for a very long time. Months later she was still getting threats and the cops were involved. I worry and stress about this daily on how She And how she is coping With Everything

stressing about my 7yr son has chronic constipation so I haven't potty trained my 4yr girl. Potty training is REALLY hard for me, almost given up.

I am dealing with my son is homeless with his dad and he is 21 years old and I have no idea where he is at. It hurts my heart everyday. I have not heard from him since October of last year.

just had a baby three months ago and transitioning going back to work has been stressful, I have twin girls that give me the hardest time in the morning on top of a baby that just threw up this morning what are you.

dealing with a 9 1/2 year old who is getting ready for his 11th surgery. My heart breaks for him, but he's such a tough kid and inspires me every day.

10 yr old lying about doing homework but he's really watching YouTube

2 teenage/2 tween girls! 1 who tries to commit suicide. 2 cutters. An ex who won't do anything about her brother "grooming" our 12 year old.

stressed over being a mom and working full time. I want to spend as much time as possible with my son but we can't afford to be a one income household.

struggling with is trying to get my children not to be influenced by other children who''s parents don''t raise their kids in the same way that I do. The hardest part is is it''s my niece and nephew that have been the worst influence. Ever since my sister-in-law passed away they''ve been spoiled rotten

in the last 2 months 2 of my teens have been suicidal. I never sleep. I Check on the 5 X a night.

My daughter just had our first grandchild. Her husband is very controlling and picks when people can see the baby and it''s mainly his family. I knowmy daughter realizes it because she''s said things under her breath, but she goes along with it and it breaks my heart. I want her to have a good marriage but also keep a mind of her own like she''s always had!

Baseball season for two boys.

Two kids in daycare one for your old one one-year-old day care lady hit my four-year-old

my daughter wakes up before us and drinks all the coffee creamer.

Ruining my tweens life! Everything I do is wrong. Can't wait til he's a teenager maybe it will be better

my almost one year old is a bully!! I don't know how to teach a one year old to not be a bully!!

My 6 year old is being tested for learning disabilities at school i feel like i failed her somehow

19 yr old away at college & he's clueless! Asks for help on everything & then fights me every step of the way because "he's an adult" and thinks he knows

dealing with the stress of welcoming a new baby boy next weekand our 7 year old baby girl feeling like she is going to be left out

My oldest just turned 15 on sat, And yesterday morning he was not in his bed when his alarm went off, left At midnight through his window to see a girl

son is speech delayed, so has behavior issues due to frustration one of his teachers doesn't get it and they are threatening kicking him out

husband gone for Air Force, 2 kids, house, working 40 hours a week, cooking and cleaning as well as trying to make it to the gym daily!

sleep terrors! My 4 year old is sleeping like crap lately waking up from night terrors or sometimes nightmares. We r all exhausted

My first grader has decided he wants to be home schooled but cannot explain why. It''s so frustrating because he is so smart- reading at a 4th grade level. Just want him to love school!

my 16yr old wont stop smoking pot. It isn't a terrible thing but it is affecting his future.

have asbergers child n another w ADHD they set each other off especially n grocery store. Makes a scene. More than once I want to crawl n a hole

my 9 yr old has been dealing with pain in her hip and we have been doing x-rays ultrasounds and MRIs and bloodwork to find out what it is. Right nowI believe the tendonitis

have a painfully intelligent child who struggles with aggression. He''s in third grade and already been suspended for an altercation with a group ofstudents. He''s also very sensitive, and deep, and sweet. I worry so much for his future.

my daughter rings her neck, pops her knuckles so much she has calluses. Dr said it is a phase and just ticks. She is 10

working mom, just dropped off my 2 year old daughter at daycare. I worry every day about whether I'm doing enough to make sure she feels safe and loved

struggling with peer pressure. She says that we are the most strict parents ever because we will not allow any social media. "Everyone else has it" and she is right, a lot do! She downloaded Snapchat and we caught it. 12 years old. I''m not ready for her to have social yet

Stress for me is my daughter dislocated her elbow at drill practice doing an arial. I worry she won''t get back to normal and also the ER bills that are on their way.

I''m trying to potty train my almost 4 yr old. He''s just not getting it. I''m so fed up, I can''t take the poopy diapers anymore

believe my daughter has a learning disability but school is unsupportive and I haven't been able to find testing :(

My daughter is terrified to sleep in her room. I think she is sensitive. She keeps telling about a man in her room.

My daughter recently came out and is dealing with depression and severe anxiety. I have to cut some religious family out of our lives who will always see her as someone who needs to be fixed. It''s painful, but worth it. She doesn''t deserve it.

I am recently divorced and my ex and I have 50/50 custody of our 3 kids. Just this morning, my middle son who is 13 yrs old told me that going backand forth is stressing him out. He wants to stay home (with me). His grades have been struggling lately and he gets more help at home so I can see how itwould benefit him to stay with me. The divorce was a messy one and I can''t imagine his dad agreeing to this even though I know deep down he knows it would be best for our son to stay home. Then what would happen with the others that have to go? I''m at a loss about how to approach this.

my almost three year old is never going to potty train. My oldest basically did it on her own and it ruined me! Have tried everything and he is just defiant and doesn''t care.

16 yr old who constantly lies, breaks the rules, skips school and smokes weed. She''s the oldest and setting the example for my 11 yr old and 5 yr old #momlife

my son is 3 I have been so stressed with trying to get him potty trained and fixing his sleeping schedule, he has his night and days mixed up so he''s up all night and takes long naps during the day

I've been working long hours and I have a 10 month old. I worry because I don't want her to have attachment issues in later life 

My 3 year old just had his 5th surgery. My 6 year old has severe ADHD. She is exhausting!

have older children a 24-year-old boy and 20-year-old twins and one of the twins has a girlfriend and the other does not and it''s the twin factor,the one has a very hard time and goes through depression and not to mention they''re both MMA fighters. I thought I would not stress as much now that they''re older but that is the furthest from the truth.

my stress is my daughter turning 18 next month & graduating in May Stressed out about what she will do next She has goals but I''m nervous for her entering the adult world

have the mom with the boy with autism and cerebral palsy contact kids on the move in Orem. They can help her get the resources she needs.

my parents are dealing with the stress that my little sister may not graduate and my other sister is trying to figure out her autoimmune disease

we think my daughter is bipolar but our doctors say she is too young to fully diagnose. The stress of trying to go through her mood swings and freakouts is stressful. Trying to do what we can but not sure if it is enough

Teen stepdaughter is stereotypical. Skipping class, vaping, weed, bad grades, running away, bad friends, breaking rules. I'm tired & want to runaway too.

my kid is 2 & my dad is in prison for a terrible crime and gets released in 5 years. How do I talk to my kid this man that is her grandpa, but to be cautious?

Well the stress I got with my daughter she''s 16 and barely hanging on in school totally lacking motivation and it''s really difficult trying to find the right way to motivate her from within herself

dealing with my 16 year old not wanting to go to school because she is depressed. Single mom working 2 jobs and working on building my own business

Caught my 14-year-old smoking pot. My husbands family has a history of really awful drug abuse. And it worries me that my son is starting already

deciding if I should homeschool. Public school is NOT working...

have one kid in high school, one is deployed at the border and one gay in a unhealthy relationship. I am worried and sick to my stomach constantly.

college acceptance.17yo wants caltech. Still waiting to hear. Waiting is so hard. I can't make it better/less stressful.

five-year-old daughter never stops talking! Seriously, never! She even talks in her sleep. I just need a little bit of silence in my life.

one word.... Three-nager.

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