TEXT TOPIC: What did you say or do that was like your parents?

my daughter made a face at my son and I said "Your face is gonna stay like that!" I was shook Called my mom and said "You win! I was listening because I just quoted you" =

I called my mom the other day and said I learned my lesson remove the curse. She said she wishes she could!

"You don’t have to want to, you just have to do it" and "when you’re older, why don’t you write me a letter and tell me how you did it better. " #truth #motherknowsbest

You wipe that dirty look off your face! My daughter is the queen of dirty looks and I definitely got the curse!

"I don’t like you right now but I still love you" -my mom . now I see myself saying it to my hormonal 12 yr old daughter.

Mine and my brother's "theme song" was "you can’t always get what you want" I found myself saying that to my 19 year old all the time and now it’s coming up again with my two and half year old.

I was a sassy teenage girl. My daughter is now a sassy teen. I tell her all the time that I don’t like her attitude, just like my parents used to say to me. Yikes.

"Do it now while I'm asking you nicely. Because the next time I ask you're going to be upset."

I'm not paying to heat the neighborhood I better not hear another peep out of here Shit your mouth and eat

Dad would spray is with a water bottle to get out of bed and I caught myself grabbing the bottle to get up my 7 year old. I was like NNNOOOO!!!!

When the kids say they're bored. Telling them I will give them something to do cleaning

I'll sing the word no to my daughter if she keeps asking after I've told her no already and my mom used to do up to us as kids all the time

Watching the news with my dad we both yelled @ the tv same phrase, tone, everything. My husband looked at me in fear that this is what he married into.

Don’t let my teens sleep in on Saturday mornings. They have to get up and help me clean their filthy ass messes. I used to hate my mom when she’d make me get up on Saturday’s.

My 2 1/2-year-old said she didn’t like beets and didn't want them for dinner. I asked her "how do you know? Have you tried them?" I died a little when I realized that was something my parents would say.

I used to make fun of my mom's purse. You could survive for days with all she put in there(even a roll of TP!) Now I do pretty much the same.

My mom makes this face when she’s not really listening- finger holding her nose up like a pig. I did that while talking with my sister, and we both stopped and realized it, and laughed!

Me - "Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about." My kids - "What do you mean?" Me scrambling - "I’ll hide your toys!" Growing up it meant was about to be thumped, but I had to adjust it for my kids...they’re too awesome.

Just yesterday when I had picked up my daughters when I was calling for one of them to get something out of the back of the vehicle I literally called all four of my daughter’s name before I said my one daughter’s name stop it said out loud oh my God I am like my mom name all the kids first then the actual one

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