TEXT TOPIC: What dirt did you find out about your neighbor?

My dog always hated my neighbor, found out he worked at a morgue. Dog can smell dead people lol

US Marshals knocked on my door looking for the man next door. Found out my neighbor was wanted on investigation of a homicide.

One neighbor told us that the other neighbor makes a distributes pills and grows pot in his basement because he’s offered them to him. I wish the police would raid his house and get rid of him. Makes me scared to have my family around it.

My neighbor caught his wife sleeping with his brother. He beat the crap out of his brother, police were called, he got deported and now his wife is with the brother. Awkward!

Neighbor told his landlord he had been in prison for being framed for tax evasion by his ex-wife. Nope...it was really 8-years-old for child abuse. Found out because someone posted on fb .

My Neighbor (the wife) was a child rapist.

Had a neighbor that would sit in a rocking chair in his carport holding a rifle. He would threaten u if u stepped on his lawn. Scary. Found out he was keeping people away because his son was forging money in the basement. SWAT team went in & had 2 tie the man 2 a stretcher 2 arrest him.

New neighbors moved in, thought they were better than everyone, acted really weird. Paid all the neighbor kids in cash to do odd an end, each car was registered in a different state. And that they over 30 million in taxes to the government, go in hiding and run away again.

My husband found out that my extremely LDS neighbors, a bishop and his wife, are swingers when they approached him to join them.

I found out that my neighbor had killed somebody in a bar fight. I can tell that he's a mean drunk so it makes sense scary

We found out our neighbors are swingers, which is great cause so are we! Party time!

Neighbor & best friend thought hubby quit smoking, 4 church, he actually still smoked, & hid his smokes & ash can on my side of the fence

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