TEXT TOPIC: Who tells you that they're unhappy with a gift?

So my husband took me ring shopping and he definitely has different taste than me. Had he given me what he picked no way!! Lol I picked my own

My mom bought me a black range hood to match a new stove for Christmas. Still in box after 6 yrs. WTF???

One year I got everyone they wanted, I got a SIMS video game, that I hate, my sisters knew this, I exchanged it for a Timex I'm currently wearing :)

My step dad got me light saber toy set for Christmas and I’m like. . . Wtf? Do you know me at all? Completely random. It has been 16 years and he still calls me ungrateful

My husband buys me stuff that I think is way too expensive so I take it back for something cheaper.

Don't know if this counts but it’s me. IF I do get a gift, it’s usually something random. It’s like they forgot about it and grad something at the gas station. Would rather not get anything than random junk.

I’m poor grandparents don’t know how to shop for us girls since we are older. I would never tell them I don’t like something, but it’s hard to bite my tongue.

My entire Christmas! Everything I got my husband was wrong for 1 reason or another. Next year, only doing gift cards.

I got my mother-in-law a $400 pots and pan set for a kitchen still in the box 3 years ago. Said she''s waiting for a kitchen makeover. Got my father in law a radio for his truck still in box 2 years ago. No idea on that one

A woman can only take so many Self-Help books from their mom for Christmas before they throw it down and scream "NO MORE!! I don’t read these or need them!"

My mom is the worst at gifts. She’s be given jewelry, cruises, trip to Asia, pregnancy announcements and literally no reaction at all but if my unemployed Bro gives her a card she'll bawl her eyes out.

My mom is awful with gifts I dread Christmas & birthdays she takes gifts back the next day she tells people she doesn’t want the cookies they bring over TERRIBLE

My brother is the worst 1 Christmas he threw a fit over a harry potter book he was gifted by my grandma I ended up taking it for myself

My Mom would spend months knitting a sweater for my sister...my sister would open the gift & say, "This is really not me...". My Mom would feel really bad, so she would give it to me. (Not me either but I'd wear it)

Ex-friend got proposed to & told him the ring was too small. So he got another loan, took the ring back & got one bigger.. SMH

My ex is like this. I stopped buying him gifts because he was never happy or appreciative of what I did get him. Just say thank you and be grateful someone

Sister-in-law will say Oh this is cute. Where did you get it? With her kids she ll say let s open it at home so you don t lose it code for It s going back I don’t like it

I almost always just take the gift and thank them but there’s been a couple times where I thank them a ton but say I realistically don’t have a use for this and I really don’t want to waste your money. Usually it’s someone that don’t have money to waste.

My mom used to just flat out return gifts and get herself something she wanted. Usually something completely different

It’s me! But only once when my mom gave me bed sheets....for my 2 daughters beds.

My hubs. Any gift he gets its "I didn't ask 4 this!" W/ him only the best & latest model is acceptable. I came from a poor family, so u get what u get!

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