TEXT TOPIC: What weird thing did a stranger ask you to do?

A stranger ask me to have a sip of my drink once. I said no

had to ask a woman if she could reach her hand up my shirt and reattach my Bras strap it had come unhooked from over my shoulder in Public and I couldn’t get a reattached I was so embarrassed

I was asked by a stranger to buy a fish...apparently if you are under 18 years old you can''t buy a fish at Petco...? (She gave me the money for it)It was weird...(yes I did it, I’m weird & nice)

I was in a hotel in New Jersey last week and an elderly lady came up to me and asked me to apply fake tanner to her back. So. Many. Skin folds.

was at a gas station and a guy walked up to me asking if i had some change when I told him I only have my debit card on me then he asked me if I buy him a pack of cigarettes and I politely told him no but then he sat there and argue with me for about 10 minutes about me not buying him a pack of cigarettes 

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