TEXT TOPIC: It wasn't funny at the time but it is funny now?

a couple years again I spent a month in Zambia, a country in Africa, I had never been out of the country and never traveled alone. The first week I was there I got mugged, purse, money and phone stolen. The last week I was there I broke my toe. I then had an 11.5 hour flight seated between two larger men on my way home. Not funny then but hilarious now

high school dance. The boy never answered me. He stood outside in his tuxedo waiting for me to pick him up. I never showed.

Was at the beach and got sucked under a wave. When I came back up my bathing suit top was all the way down under my boobs, and I''m very big chested. Everyone saw everything. Oops

When I was 9 we were driving to St. George. We stopped At Larry''s and got lunch and I got the normal chicken fingers and I wanted to try their new shake. Well after we were done eating we got back in the car to continue driving. I told my mom to STOP the car! I had to poop so bad. On the side of the highway I had to poop as my sister and mom lost it. Of all people my dad was concerned and yelled at to stop. At the time I was embarrassed but now we laugh when we pass that restaurant.

when I was 8 I use to get out of the shower and instead of using a towel I would roll around on the bathroom rug, I got caught one time,

my parents left me at a market far away from our village in Vietnam when I was visiting as a kid. Took me 3 days to get home. Ha. Ha.

when I was in school I got caught chewing gum in the lab my teacher was mad and had me to spit out the gum. I spit it out & it landed on his shoe

12 years old I was babysitting and changed a little boys diaper for the first time. His penis got sucked back in and I thought I had lost it. I had to look on my hands and knees to try to find whatever it was it would sit back on his body.

on my wedding day my mom went to zip up my dress and the zipper ended up in her hand. My grandma had to sew me in my dress. I was 45 minutes late to my ceremony. It was not funny at the time but it is now!

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