TEXT TOPIC: Do you do something only in spite of how you grew up?

Swearing... very frowned upon in my home growing up and I never thought I would be like this...but I swear like a sailor.

my mother never allowed cereal outside of breakfast. As an adult I'll eat it whenever I want.

don't ever make my bed and I don't wear dresses on Sunday except for church. My mom used to make us stay in our dresses all day on Sundays

my dad never got rid of anything! So I regularly purge junk from my house. My kids tease me about it.

religion, it got shoved down our throats growing up, my kids don't know religion until they are old enough to do research themselves

forced (by a step dad) to eat meat, couldn't cut off the fat. As soon as we were away from him I quit eating meat. Vegetarian for 25 years.

IRONING my mom irons everything! Jeans, T-shirt everything! Now I only iron if it's super wrinkly.

Was forced to play an instrument in jr high and high school. I haven't picked it up since. Forget I even have it.

When I was little my mom told me that caffeine was an addictive drug and made me think that if I had even a sip I would basically become a drug addict. Now I keep my fridge stocked with Mountain Dew and energy drinks, especially when she comes over to watch my kid.

my job growing up was to dust, I hate dusting. I don''t dust my house and I taught my kids to not write in the dust so you can''t see how bad the dust is in my house.

My mom used to always compare me to all the other girls in the neighborhood an school. She would say look they''re all wearing this why don''t you wear this too. Or look they all have a bob haircut why don''t we cut your hair like them? I hated it an embrace my 3 kids uniqueness and to not be a cookie cutter like "all the other kids."

we out at fast food places almost every night growing up and now I hate it!

my mom never let me dye my hair and now I’m a grown woman and mother of 4 and I never have a natural hair color. Pink, purple, blue, green, silver..anything but brown!

Forced vegetarian as a child and all the way up into my teenage years, now I'm an avid carnivore!

my parents made us avoid credit and debt like the plague, and had to show them a weekly budget. I have so much debt and my budget is non-exsistent now it''s crazy. I showed them!

My mom ONLY bought healthy cereal. Plain Chex or Cheerios.Ugh. I have every damn sugar cereal in my pantry.

camping! My parents loved it and we would go camping all the time. I hate the outdoors and refuse to camp ever the rest of my life

my parents were too cheap to ever get us soda when we went out to eat so now I always get a soda. But I get it now that I have kids it gets expensive!

hubby won''t ever eat leftovers! Ever! Because they grew up in alarge family and lived on them. Now my kids are brats and won''t eat them either

Being girly. My mom tried so hard to make me girly, making me wear dresses and makeup and perfume, now i'm practically a man

my mom always made us keep our hair long. I have not had my hair long for 20 years. She still hates it but I get way more compliments when my hair is short.

I''m the opposite on the gas, growing up we were always running out of gas and never had a full tank. Now I get anxiety if it goes under a quarter tank. Even in my friends cars.

my mom made me always look perfect to go out and now I'll walk out right out of bed as a big fu to looking perfect

Mom was OCD neat freak. Thought the house was messy with crumbs on the floor. I have dishes in the sink and laundry on the floor. She hates it.

my parents had random people living with us always, i now hate people coming over lol

My mom used to make us pull weeds all the time for hours growing up. Now I don't garden

All 5 of us kids do not clean on Saturdays. Growing up Saturdays were a nightmare with the cleaning. We, including my dad would find any excuse to not be home on Saturday.

Finish everything on my plate. Not with my kids. Eat until you are full.

Air drying and Ironing my pants. Way too much work just send it through the dryer it's fine

my grandparents would always yell at me if I left the TV on even if I just went to get a drink. Now I''ll leave the TV on all day because I enjoy the background noise

CIGARETTES! My mom always had to have her ash trays spotless. The job was mine every day, needless to say never smoked once and despise them.

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