TEXT TOPIC: Person in the family that won't let you grieve a death

we lost our first baby 19 years ago and my sister in law told us to get over it. Then she lost her first one and she apologized to us because she finally realized what we were going thru. Watch what you say and be kind.

MIL tells me not to celebrate my daughters birthday when it comes around. "She's dead and I need to celebrate those alive who will appreciate it"

had a bracelet with a friend’s name on it, who committed suicide. I would wear it every once in awhile. Another friend out of nowhere said "I think you just need to get over him" and told me I should throw away the bracelet

My ex husband’s co worker told me I needed to get over my dad’s death. I was 16 when my dad died. I was only 22 when she told me this. It was the first year I wasn’t able to visit his grave because I had moved to Vegas with my ex

my daughter passed away during delivery at full term unexpectedly. I have friends who say I should move on and not be so sad all the time. This happened a year and a half ago, I will never get over it!

my MIL died 5 yrs ago. Hubby still acts like it was yesterday. I'm not forcing him to move on and get over it. I just wish he would learn how to deal

My hubs aunt said we needed to get over the loss of our baby, stop including her in activities, decorating her grave and move on

It’s my work family but I feel like it still needs to be said. I had one of my best friends/coworker Commit suicide just over a year ago and my boss keeps telling me to get over it but it’s just really hard to except that he’s gone still. He just keeps pushing me to get over it and I don’t think that’s how it works

My mother in law reminds me constantly whenever it comes up with my son asking questions about his uncle that I should be over the death of my twin brother 20 years ago. I don''t think you ever get over that.

it’s me. My dad and brother keep telling to get over my sisters death. Death was unexpected and she was my best friend. I ask them to watch her video with me and they refuse. It’s heartbreaking.

my dad is pushing my mom to get over the fact her dad died 8 months ago he isn't an emotional person & doesn't get that she lost 1 of her best friends

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