TEXT TOPIC: Did someone steal your kid's name and you're mad?

sister in-law is mad because my hubs and I talked about naming our baby Charlotte which is her top girl name. She isn't pregnant and we are due in a few

A friend named her daughter Madeline Rose two months ago. My daughter is Madelyn Rose and is two...

A friends sister stole my other friends baby name even the middle name. If talked about it still irritates us. Get your own name!

we had a baby that passed away and my cousin asked if they could name their baby after our baby. I know she was trying to be nice and honor him but that was not ok with me! We said we would rather not. Thanks

my cousin named her the same name as my son, my son was 3. She looses custody with every kid so I knew I'd never see him but at least he has a cool name

My wife and I lost our first child a a little before birth. My sister named her 1St kid the same name. She asked permission first and I''m totally fine with it, bit my wife still has a hard time with it. He is 7 now.

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