TEXT TOPIC: What is your crazy mother in law story?

My MIL gave me a monthly meal plan and exercise guide for my "troubled areas". She didn't want me gaining my "married 20". So sweet of her...

My mother in law tried to break me in my now husband up 6 weeks before our wedding. We had been together for 5 and a 1/2 years at that point. What are you trying to break up?! Ugh! I don''t think she knows that I know, so family get togethers are very awkward!

Mother in law&little sister calls at least 3 times DAILY always asking fianc "who''s number one?We are no one else"we have to go see them at least once a day, shows up to our house unannounced one time went to her house to pickup fianc and found her cuddling with him in booty short pjs

Mother in-law had a mental break down on our wedding day. she was talking to the walls and didn''t know who anyone was. So I called the paramedics of course they say she is just fine and leave. Theres a lot more to the story but we didn''t do the wedding the way his parents wanted they very traditional Vietnamese And we’re not very happy that he married someone who wasn’t Vietnamese. Always tries to guilt trip my husband

sis in law got pregnant w/o being married. MIL immediately called to ask if we would adopt the baby (w/o talking to sister) bc we were having infertility issues

MIL where do I start?! Drinks beer like it’s water. Got wasted at Christmas Eve one year at my house. Acting like a child wanting to open presents and fell into closet doors. Posts cryptic messages about us on FB and how she is "crying herself to sleep". I have more and more stories.

My MIL hates my parenting skills and always tries to interrupt and thinks shes the mom. Talks bad about me to her son and not the father of my kids. 

we had just said I do, walk to the end of the aisle to meet all of our family and friends and my husband''s used to be stepmother looked at me and said this will never last.

that was 22 yrs ago. In your face step mother in-law. We don't talk to her or my husband's bio dad.

mother in law rummaged through my now brother in laws trash and found a pregnancy test. Surprise!

MIL is an anti-vaxxer. Constantly sends anti vax articles and tells us how awful vaxs are. Shames us for vaxing our kid and tells us we are going to kill her. Don''t worry. My kid is protected.

Every time we visit she would invite over or make him call the girl they wished he had married. we stopped visiting. Not to be mean just uncomfortable

right before the wedding she had the singles ward calling my now husband & I to join.

gave my son the same middle name as his father. One day at our MILs house I called my son by his full name to which my MIL said I was pronouncing it wrong. Since I''m white and gave my half white son a Spanish name it must be pronounced the white way...? I was fuming.

My MIL mom of only boys talks trash about all of us DIL''s even if she doesn''t know anything to talk about she makes things up to talk about, then says we all hate her. She just cant relate to other women because she thinks she was is the best.

my MIL used my uterus as topic on FB, (we weren't married yet) told me I was stealing her son (only child) in front of my family. list goes on

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