TEXT TOPIC: Passive Aggressive Tuesday

You have your own office, stop taking over mine twice a week!

just want to thank my boss for taking credit for my work....I''ll make sure embarrass you by quizzing you on it at our next meeting. Good luck

hey idiots, use the damn crosswalk! Stop darting across busy roads and holding up traffic!!

How about the legislators & state of Utah push thru the medical cannabis bill as the voters of Utah voted. As it currently is written it is virtually impossible for patients to obtain it. #Epilepsyawareness

Daughter you cut me out of yours and kids life by have the nerve to ask for rides. SMH

Why do deadbeat dads get whatever they want from courts but can't pay child support or half daycare. Yet got 2 new huge tattoos this month.

STOP hiring your friends and family! Bringing on your buds with no experience does nothing but create more work for everyone else and we''re already overloaded. #nepitismsucks

to the teen employees at my work. If you''re scheduled that day you need to show up. Please stop waiting until the last minute to decide you''re not coming forcing the manager and I to work an 11 hour day. You have a life but so do we. Be considerate.

when the school zone lights are flashing the speed limit is 20 mph. Not 30, not 25, 20. Tail gate all you want, I'm not going any faster. #kidssafetyfirst

Come on babe, Quit over analyzing everything and dragging your feet when it comes to our relationship you're gonna lose me one day if this keeps happening.

I am not the only one that lives in our house. I'm your roommate not your maid. Clean up after yourself

thanks to my boss for not taking federal taxes out of my checks all year and then telling me I didn't make enough money for them to take taxes out!

hey bro crazy idea. If you're sick of Mom how about you move your ass out along with your wife and kid! You're not getting the house when she dies anyway!!

you keep blaming all of our marriage problems on me when really, it''s you. I''ve done everything I possibly can to fix myself for you to the point where I am no longer me. It''s time for you to start making changes or I''m out.

I''m 9 months pregnant and it blows me away what people say to me. Complete strangers ask if I''m having twins or tell him over and over again "wow you''re so big.. like really BIG". What''s crazy is it''s always women. We should empower each other. Not cool guys.

You need to wake up, don''t leave your family for selfish reasons. Your a mom and wife. You don''t need to do drugs and drink every weekend and not go home. You''re not 21. Wake the eff up.

You protect your children, I'll protect mine. Provax/Antivax war has to end. It's not a 1 size fits all.

I don't owe you for giving birth to me. Quit being manipulative. I'm an adult with my own family to worry about.

Thanks boss lady for actually doing your job for once and submitting payroll on time so we could actually get paid this week! #uprisingcoming

Your daughter is 19 already cut the strings and make her be a grown up

Don''t give me parenting advice. When you deal with half the shiz I do every day with our kids and run our household and do what I do THEN you can tell me your advice. Until then, pitch in more and do it DAILY, and then I''ll be more open to listening to you. XO- an under appreciated wife/mother

To my boss- I hate your stinking guts... you make me vomit... you’re scum between my toes!! Pull your freaking head out and have some compassion for the people you manage! Everything’s not always black and white!

If you don t want it pointed out that you are a toxic backstabbing person, THEN DON T BE ONE!

You're a sorry excuse of a father and husband. Quit blaming everything that goes wrong in your life on me. Grow up and own up to your crap!

you can talk all you want about me to the new girl of the ward but little did you know that's my sister in law

i hate the trains don't matter if you're early I'm time late I always hit the damn trains on my way to work

I'm so glad your P.O.S. a$$ last day is today. Since joining our team you've done nothing and I'm so sick of you and happy you are GONE.

You didn't want to fix our friendship years ago, don't be doing it now that your getting married. Grow up and move on, I did.

To my 19 year old employees who are beneath me You were not hired to monitor my time and activities during the day

Parents, as your child''s teacher, stop teaching them the art of making excuses. Teach them to own up to what they did and to accept the consequences. Don''t make excuses for them.

thanks coworker for applying (out of spite) for the promotion you knew I wanted, and then when you were offered the position AND ACCEPTED, you later tell me you don''t really want it, and aren’t truly qualified for it... Thanks!

you whine and complain about your husband not wanting to do things with you or be close to you anymore, but you’re constantly pushing him away, especially when he wants to be intimate. Telling him to "leave you alone and you’re not interested" So guess who is happy and willing to give it to him while you continue to push him away. And it’s my pleasure

dear ex, I hope you miss me.. I was the best you will ever had! That girl will only keep your bed warm for a few months- soon you'll b lonely again

37 years old and your crying because you''re getting fired after 23 absences in 6 months. Time to be an adult dude you''ve only been making it harderon the rest of us

Hey Landlords! You bought this house knowing you''d have tenants already living here. If you''re going to own the house, you need to be taking care ofit and realize there are other people living here too! I''ve never had such inconsiderate downstairs neighbors!

just because your daughter has been dating for 7 months doesn't mean her bf needs to propose since they are in hawaii right now

thanks to the bullies for telling my daughter she is worthless and better off killing herself. She tried. Stop being such jerks! Bullies SUCK!

mother in law dont come at me I dont want to get to know you when you don’t reply the message

Stop calling 911 for stupid shizz

Hey old neighbor, if you’re going to spread rumors, when I call you out on it, don’t hide behind your phone and block me. Own your words and face me. Stupid biotch

I'm also glad it's my last day. You're the worst manager I've ever had. You only got the job because of your spouse.

I’m not your boss, I’m your coworker and it doesn’t take being your boss to know you contribute NOTHING TO WORK here. Today’s "goodbye party" is us celebrating you ARE GONE

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