TEXT TOPIC: Who are you waiting for an apology from?


Was waiting for an apology from my sister for 10 years! I never got it, and was working on forgiving her when she died unexpectedly last July

still waiting for my dad to apologize. Got a co-worker pregnant while married with 5 kids. Tore the family apart, but he still doesn''t see how his actions were "that hurtful." It''s been 13 years.

I've been waiting for an apology from my ex. It's been about 5 years now since he took advantage of me. I know I'll probably never get an apology from him

sold some friends (a couple) my truck due to hard times well needless to say they haven t even mentioned anything about it even when they new my son was in the NICU at primary children’s and we were struggling to go see him due to tight finances I asked a few times and wasn’t even answered. Now they constantly try to "hangout" and I refuse till I get an apology at the very least

mom says insulting things that R hurtful, she owes a lot of ppl an apology. she won't bc she says it's "my truth." Im embarrassed 2b her daughter

my ex husband for cheating on me our whole 10 years of marriage

My spouses ex for not being a real parent to her children and leaving me to provide for them while she was fun mom

My father accused me of misusing my ADHD pills due to a letter he received. He later realized he was wrong and misread it. Where's my apology?

My former best friend and I have not spoken for 6 years as she tried really hard to break up My then fianc and now husband of 5 1/2 years. She did a background check on him behind my back and much more. No apology just tried to justify her actions.

husband owes me an apology. Before he left he threatened to ruin me financially, I am raising his child alone, he’s only seen her twice in her five months on this earth, tells everyone I am mentally ill. Thinks I should let him come back but has never once said he’s sorry.

Getting back with my ex he said he had a lot of money coming in so I spent a lot of money I didn''t have on getting him here. He lied about that and getting a job here. Screwed me financially to where I may lose my home. I want an apology but doubt he will ever even admit it

after 7 yrs being with my husband. I need an apologies from my husband in laws for calling me a home wrecker and sticking there nose into my relationship and now where still together and im taking care of 2 of his kids since age 4 and 5 and mothers out on the streets and a druggy and yet im still called a home wrecker takes a lot of balls to step up to be a mother to 2 kids when they have a mother who’s not around i raised them alone and im glad they are with me and my kids now!!! But an apologize i know i wont get for all the stuff they spread about me.

I am waiting on an apology from my sister. Almost 10 years ago she stole about $1000 from me and never admitted to it. I don’t let it affect me anymore, but about two years ago she came back into my life and hasn’t said a word about it since.

Raised my exes child as my own for six years and she took the child and left no apology nothing haven't seen baby since she is 19 miss my baby

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