TEXT TOPIC: What is something you wanted but now you don't use it?

My iPad. I hardly touch it anymore, but I had to have it.

a 4 thousand dollar drone. Not me my boyfriend. Dumb.

HAD to have one of those fancy electric face brushes! I was so good at using it in the beginning..... now I almost never use it... even though it sits right on my bathroom counter and I see it every time I wash my face!

bought two different fitness trackers because I refused to pay Fitbit prices. I don't wear either of them and now I own a Fitbit.

half the clothes in my closet haha

my husband HAD to have a drone. Bought it for him for his birthday two years ago, first time he used it a bird attacked it and he hasn''t used it since. It was 900.00

wanted an XBOX for Father's Day, and I got one, but now never have time to play it and it basically is just a super expensive DVD player now

my husband every weekend it''s something new finish the basement treadmill this past weekend it was decided a new set of $1000 clubs he went golfing a handful of times last year w/the clubs he got last year >&< &@ always tease him that he is never satisfied

handmade purse from the Pike Market in Seattle... got it home and never use it.

Ju-Ju-Be bags. I always have to have the latest prints and now I have so many that never get used

my ex would always buy stuff for boat projects and he'd buy them and they would just sit in the garage

My husband bought a brand new truck and it turned out to he a very expensive dust collector because he used his work vehicle everyday and rarely drove it.

bought $200 of makeup and I never wear makeup.

wanted a Dash cam because of all the crazy drivers. Babe bought me one and I used it for a bit but now it's on my nightstand collecting dust :/

Really want a portable camera. I travel have 5 kids take lots of pictures my husband bought it and i dont use it! Sits in closet and i end up using my phone instead

had to have a sewing machine. I have used it twice and had it for 2 yrs. But i will admit that I'm a little scared of it. I need to find a class.

my husband was desperate for a treadmill to help him lose weight, $600 later its sitting In the garage for the past 2 years

bought a $300 purse and It sits in my closet now. I've used it maybe 3 times over the last 2 years.

my wife reaaaaaaalllllllly wanted an Apple Watch. Loved it got a few weeks, she's left it at home nearly every day for the last two years.

my nephew just had to have a brand new pair of Jordan''s for his birthday. Begged my sister for months. She bought them and they were close to $300. He hasn''t worn them once.

had to have a kitchen aid mixer for our wedding. My hubby said I would never use it. Well 15 years later, it has never been turned on.

Boxing lessons, spent hundreds to set it up...haven't gone yet. It's been two months.

Had to have my 4 wheeler waited for many years to finally get it. Unfortunately due to medical issues I have only taken it out 3 times in 4 years

had to have a new KitchenAid and I've only used it probably once or twice in the last year and a half

bought a 1500 dollar bow and a 1000$ bow for fianc then had a son so bow hasn't been touched in 2 years

needed a nice shaving kit- $100 for his birthday. He's never used it and says he just wants it to have it for some future use that never happening

husband bought me a $450+ scroll saw. I've made a couple things w/it but def not enough 2 make it worth it.. sorry babe! I'll make more!

2 vintage mid century modern chairs for $3000. Scared to use them.

Begged for a karaoke machine for 5 Xmas. Finally bought it for myself. 1 year laterIt's still on the first battery charge. Could it b stage fright?

Got a gym membership 5 years ago. Ive literally gone 5 times 5 years ago 4 times 3 years ago. But i refuse to cancelbit.

AN 18 thousand dollar deck I've sat on like twice

2 pairs of skis and bindings. Skies twice on each. But did get another pair this session and love them. To many skis!

Freaking InstantPot!! Had to have it, bigger hassle than it's worth to use it. Hardly ever use it-big waste

Had to have the new iPad. Spent 1500 on the whole thing w/accessories. Returned it because I knew I wouldn''t use it. Bought it again. Returned it. Bought it again. Waited until I couldn''t return it. Sold on ksl and lost $400

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