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first OB appointment today since graduating from the fertility specialist. 8 weeks pregnant through IVF

Something great... We are going to HAWAII for a week on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!! Goodbye snow and freezing weather!!!!

Good news I got to see Dean Lewis. It was great and thank you ZHT

good news, I was told not to tell any1 yet, so I'm telling every1! My sis is pregnant, pregnancy 5, will be baby 3. So happy for her.

after nine months of trying, we finally got a positive pregnancy test! Baby number two finally on the way!

I was told I couldn't get pregnant and we just found out WE ARE PREGNANT!

That we get to celebrate another yr with our daughter. Happy 13th Birthday Rileah!!!

my daughter wants to live! After a week in the hospital there's light in her eyes finally!

have been making amends. I was able to fix things up with my favorite cousin after 7 years of not having anything to do with each other

Had a migraine all weekend and now it's gone! Thank goodness!!

Still on a high from going to Vegas on Friday night for the Duran Duran concert. So good!!

me and my husband are giving it another try. Not giving up.

My baby slept through the night again! Sleep training is painful but it's working wonders

FINALLY Got A very toxic family away From ours. They have been a perpetual thorn in our side for many years

I'm almost done framing out my basement. Done it all myself. Never done anything like this before and feeling good about myself.

Something good. My husband and I bought a new bed, couch AND dishwasher this weekend. Long overdue!!!! I can''t wait for my bed to get here. Love U guys, happy Monday.

1 yr old son got release from the hospital after 3 days there from being super sick with norovirus. So happy. His 3yr old sister missed him tons!

my good thing is I went to my aunts surprise birthday luncheon on Saturday she is celebrating 80 years young!

Something good - Going to Santana/Doobie Bros!!

my sister has been fostering a baby and today the birth mom is relinquishing her right so now my sister gets to adopt him!!

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