TEXT TOPIC: What's your crazy Ambien story?

My mom online shops and orders duplicates of everything! She is always confused when the packages show up.

One time after taking Ambien I took a bath. BIG mistake thankfully my husband checked up on me because my face was almost completely submerged in the water! My nose was barely above the water! I'll NEVER take it again!

My ambien story. I am constantly receiving gifts in the mail.. from my ambien alter ego that loves adult goodies and home decor. Bitch be spending my money

had an unexpected phone interview for a job after taking my ambien... nailed it!

I once filled out my exes college application with him while in Ambien. I had no recall of this and didn''t know his login or what information had need submitted. So he had to fill out a whole new application!

My cousin RAGES when he takes Ambien. He took one and was so pissed at his moms green rug. He was going to beat up the rug!! He''s a big dude. The rugdidn''t stand a chance!

On Ambien the other day, I went on about why there wasn't a "Brady Bunch in Space" episode. And rewrote the theme song with

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