TEXT TOPIC: Miss X's husband is pushing to add another person into the mix

Group Therapy: Miss X's husband is pushing to add another person into the mix. What is your advice for her?

To me it sounds like he has already decided he wants to cheat on you with this certain person or you can join in with them so it''s technically not cheating. I say leave him he''s already checked out.

say leave the man. It won't be easy, but what he is asking you to do is giving him permission to cheat.

tell him ok let's add a man.. If you want to add a person. Uhg D-bag

Dude dont do it. It has completely destroyed the trust we had together and now are separated and trying to work through it. Worst decision we ever made as a couple. DONT DO IT.

Let him cheat. It's a felony to cheat on ur spouse in UT. Get some proof he's cheating, put up a camera, take everything and sue him.

Kids or not it will suck! Very hurtful....move on, someone is out there waiting for u that will be a better person and treat u much better and love u!!! He's a big jerk!

Leave him. If you fulfill this fantasy, what's the next one gonna be? It'll only escalate.

Tell her to counter offer to allow her to have another dude in the room and THEN see how the husband feels haha.

You are in a manipulative and abusive relationship. That is classic behavior. Your kids and yourself are better off without him. Start a new life of love and self love.

Tell him ok but let's do it with two guys and see what he says if it's no the check out divorce baby!

My ex husband did the same thing. I did it for him, and he slept with her behind my back and everyone else for our whole 10 year marriage don't do it. He's probably already cheated.

Leave him. He might enjoy the idea now, but it will get boring if acted upon and he could still end up cheating. It will hurt to leave but the cheating will hurt worse.

If he is giving that ultimatum he either already has or probably will cheat anyway even if you do decide to give into his demands. Walk away rather than do something you will ultimately regret and something like that could be traumatic.

Ultimately, it’s up to Ms. X. But from my (female) perspective it might be cool that he’s being open about it. Maybe set boundaries and try to allow it if she can handle it. I don’t believe in true monogamy. I don’t agree that he set it as a ultimatum though. They need therapy but I would allow it and see how things go with boundaries!

That is emotional extortion. Don’t take the bait.

My hubs always want to try new things. I'm vanilla but have been willing to try anything once and have found lots that I enjoy.

When someone gives you an ultimatum, they clearly do not respect you as a person. It will only get worse you cave now, what next? Leave sister!

Tell him to get a second job and pay for a prostitute to do what he wants done to him or to do to her. Make him put his money where his mouth is. Back him in the corner

If u r uncomfortable don't. You'll regret it. It's a slippery slope. Hold on to your dignity and let him go. He does not sound like a keeper.

He's looking for permission to cheat.

He's a manipulative a-hole. It's going to end anyway, get out with your dignity intact. He's probably already cheated.

We teach people how to treat us

As a truck driver can I ask you a favor could you change your wording to the semi was hit by a car instead of the semi hit a car

If she stays, it's by her choice to continue in a marriage of ultimatums.

He probably already has someone in mind meaning it's inevitable anyway.

My brother and sister in law did this and she fell in love with the girl and they have a child together. It broke them up.

He's probably already cheated. My wife asked to be friends with guys at work... turned out she was sleeping with a co worker.

Let him cheat..then the bad is all on him. Sounds like it's going to end anyways but it'll be him breaking up your fam not you

He wants you as a back up plan. Leave his ass

I have been actually preparing for this for a while! And I am ready for whatever. The roller coaster is slowly going up And up. I'm throwing in the towel

Having your husband ask you to have a threesome seems to me like a way to cheat with your partner''s consent. It seems like that is a huge warning sign that maybe he is already considering cheating.

Generally I have found if a guy is asking for permission to cheat, which is what he is doing, he is already cheating

I think he already had someone in the shadows

To me it sounds like he already has someone in mind he wants to sleep with. He is giving her an ultimatum to pretty much give him permission to cheat and she can''t get upset.

My friend's wife wanted to bring in another woman into the bedroom. He ended up leaving her for the othet women.

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