TEXT TOPIC: Are you and your significant other working through an affair?

My husband cheated with a girl from high school he always wanted to be with right after I had my 3rd child. Hid it from me for 4 years. She still tries to contact him. She has a family of her own. Stay away!

Is it wrong that there are many days that I wish my wife WOULD cheat on me so that I could leave? I know, a bit backward.

So I’m with the most wonderful man ever! I’m so lucky that both of us have the same outlook on cheating. No judging but no matter what the situation is there is NEVER an excuse to cheat. If you don’t want to be with someone tell them and walk away! Cheating is such a cowardly temporary way and it solves nothing, and it is the ultimate betrayal.

Seven years of lies and cheating I always tried making it work and knew the girls he cheated on me with were friends he parties with. 7 yrs. ago I left him and cheated on him and realized i don’t love him any more.

I'm having a hard time getting over the affair my man had because it resulted with a child.

My spouse had an affair, it was supposed to be over for a couple years, she still contacts him for car repairs

Ok I started with this big long explanation about what happened and emotions now. Why I stopped was because I realized just explaining it brings all that old pain out again. If I am truly trying to move past the cheating I should not be bringing it up (plus wife listens and it would start arguments again) let’s just say it sucks

Twelve years marriage. She was 25, 10 yrs. younger than me. She messaged me a few months after their year long affair ended. It’s been 2 years since, still very hard but we are still together working through it.

Cheated w/10yr younger, big boobed, blonde, w/2 kids she sends to Dad's every wknd, so she has time to go out. She's everything I'm not. It hurts.

He cheated early on in our relationship. Together 7 years, bought a house together and engaged now. It still comes up, he still works with her.

My kids father moved us to a new state just for me to find out he and his brothers wife were having an affair. I'll never get past this!

My wife and I invited another woman into our bedroom and it haunts her everyday watching the other woman with me. We are now separated living in 2 houses trying to work on it =-=-=-=-

I’m the cheater. We were "broke up" & i sent a VIDEO to his ex-coworker. It was almost a yr. ago & he still brings it up frequently we have three toddlers, so we need each other now.

I’m that girl that wants to throat punch the girl my husband had an affair with 6 years ago. I see her almost daily we work at the same company.

I cheated on my husband with someone I work with on a work trip. It was just once but my husband found out. We’re working on it still but it has honestly made our relationship better. He struggles every day knowing I still work with this person. Even worse. I also work with the wife of the guy.

My husband has cheated twice. I will always feel second best. It's so hard to move on. I feel like he loves me out of guilt and it's not genuine.

I had an emotional affair while engaged. Filling a void. Postponed the wedding but did still get married later on. I''ll forever be the bad guy though whenever we have unrelated problems.

My best friend had her husband cheat on her while she was pregnant with their third child, and it’s been a year but they still are trying to work things out. It''s rough. Stupid man.

Currently experiencing this. The affair is over but my husband still struggles. He always conspiring himself to the other, in every aspect of our relationship. I dont know how we’re going to make it.

My boyfriend has been cheating on me the whole time we've been together not with just one bitch either 10 years. He's even been on dating websites

Two years passed 1st affair, 1yr 2mo passed his 2nd affair, I got over the 1st, but am struggling getting over the 2nd.

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