TEXT TOPIC: Who has the hots for you in the family?

My husbands grandpa has the hots for me. He always tries to kiss my lips, will brush my boobs when hugging, and the hugs last way too long. I avoid him.

when I met my brother in law I realized he had previously hit on me at the gym and I rejected him. Glad I did because he was MARRIED! Still awkward

me and my second cousin. Thinking of marriage in the Fall.

My cousin’s wife! Every time that we go over for any family function, she is always grabbing up my body or feeling me up. If we were both single, it would be a no brainer. Still hasn''t kept us from getting together, though. Sometimes I go home feeling guilty even though I did nothing.

I'm a few years older than my female cousin. We've always lived on opposite sides of the country. She's so hot. But we're related so it's a no go.

My sister in law is always hitting on me. She actually got naked in front of me once.

not me but my brother is married to our step sister

I really have a crush on my brother-in-law I think I want to f**** him

My gay uncle has the serious hots for my husband.

I have a cousin from virginia. I wont lie. I have always wished it was possible to hook up with her. But i also know it is wrong lol

my EX husband towards the end of our 17 yr old marriage, told me it was because he was always in love with my sister not me

my uncle always hugs us girls & his sisters way too closely, licks his lips waiting to get a kiss. It's disgusting & we avoid him at all costs

My aunt had the hots for my ex boyfriend. Found out later her also had the hots for her... HE SUCKED

my cousin told my sisters, "I would date him if we weren't cousins" she is pretty hot too!

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