TEXT TOPIC: What are you working on right now?

working on not always needing to be right or in charge. It is ok to not be the boss and is even less stressful- which I need

working on having more sex

working on myself: I found out the reason for all my health issues is that I have Hashimoto''s. It is extremely difficult to try and stick to my diet and take all the medications and supplements. When I do I feel so much better and I know it''s worth it. Good things never come easy hard work is totally worth it. When I''m actually consistent I don''t feel like I''m dying slowly every day but I feel like I can live a normal free life.

I am trying to tune into my real feelings about everything and just be a completely authentic person

I am trying to have more empathy and trust for those close to me. I have thought about seeing a therapist for help.

I'm currently seeking to improve my relationship with God. He's blessed me so much

being a better friend. I usually just crash at end of day. Trying to call/check in. Planning hangouts

being a better mom. I love my kids so much but I feel like I'm constantly yelling at them & I'm worried that's how I will be remembered

So many things! But the big one is mindset and not listening to the lies I tell myself.

My self talk. I can self sabotage so easily and it''s taken me 32 years to realize that I''m only holding myself back. It''s been 6 months and I''m amazed at the opportunities I''ve had that otherwise would have been missed.

working on being LESS independent and allowing others to have a more important role in my life. Being self sufficient is great but if others don''t feel needed it''s almost like they are disposable and they won''t stick around.

I yell. Always. Even when I''m not pissed!! My yelling makes everyone including myself miserable. I''m taking a breath before speaking (yelling!!) to get better. My hubs is now trying to help more as a compromise

I''m currently working on NOT reacting when my kids tell me stuff instead I working on listening. I''m always trying to fix their problems. I''m definitely a work in progress

I'm really bad at assuming things. Not just that, but I assume the WORST. Trying to get better at that

my insecurities, it's gotten way bad since my wife lost weight and looks her best

I''ve been working on my confidence level ever since I got divorced as it really did a number on my confidence especially being insecure around my current wife.

when I set a long term goal(like 5yr)I either achieve it in 6mnths or give up. I don't celebrate the steps or I hyper focus & get out of balance.

I''m currently working on doing more for me! I work full time, married 7.5 years and have 3 kids, youngest 4 months and I never make time for myself but I''m trying to do better

Working on trying to be more patient with the general public. They certainly don't make it easy.

working on being ok alone. Recently divorced.

I'm working on trying to remember that not everything is black-and-white expression I wear my career is concerned Try to remember there are Gray areas

I have been working on my self confidence. I am super hard on myself over every mistake that i start to think im ad failure. But i work on it

Working on swearing. I have 2 young children & swear way to much. Its the worst when Im angry. Dad was the angry potty mouth growing up. I''m him =D

I'm currently working on paying off debt . I have so much racked up , it's hard but I'm working on it and loving it

Working on not needing myself to be perfect in every category.

Working on making myself get out of bed and work out. It was a daily ritual for many years untill my 17yr old son died 5 years ago. Literally wentfrom fit to flab. It''s hard at times due to my depression but listening to you guys makes it so much easier!

I''m working on getting my house organized. I''ve realized that it sets my mood. Im in a constant state of irritation cuz of the messiness of the house. Told the hubs it''s the "year of organization".

After getting back with my ex my depression and multiple personality disorder got worse even after making a lot of progress, we broke up and I have really been working on getting back to where I was before him

Working on how to stop giving more info than what it needed. I always over explain.

I'm working on giving up controlling everything. Learning to delegate and not get upset if it wasn't done the way I do it. It's hard

working on being a better friend. Having kids messed up a lot of my friendships because of PPD, agoraphobia & anxiety. I never talked about it. Now I am, I am working hard on my relationships with others

I'm working on getting up the confidence to make a career chance. I've been a SAHM for so long but thinking about doing stand up comedy.

Working on my hoarding, so hard, I'm getting older & feel anxious to get a life...

Past childhood trauma and loss is now making it difficult for me to connect with my three children I''m going to therapy and trying to fix it but who knows how long it''ll take

I''m working on getting my house organized. I''ve realized that it sets my mood. Im in a constant state of irritation cuz of the messiness of the house. Told the hubs it''s the "year of organization".

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