TEXT TOPIC: The things we do for love!!

I pop the pimples that he can't reach. Doing it makes me gag, but I only doing it because he's my husband.

My husband LOVES canyoneering. I'll go for the beauty of Utah but Jumping off rock structures into ice cold water SUCKS

watch football games on Tv

my husband loves to play poker so I go with him to Vegas a lot even though it's not my favorite place.

20 pillows on our bed, >&< &B, I love her so I put up with it but I''ve also told her I hate it but she doesn''t care

put up with his crappy Valentines gift giving, because I love him!! = he''s just bad at it

all the dang car stuff!! He is a car guy so we have tons of cars and car parts. I haven't parked in my garage in almost 5 years

he hasn’t been able to drive (long story) I will have to take him to get his stuff done and then backtrack to do mine. "Well can’t you just take me here and then go back? love him

my boyfriend is an amateur photographer who likes to take pinup

His job. He''s a police officer and it terrifies me. But he loves it and is amazing at it (he has multiple awards). So I never complain, keep my mouth shut and stay super supportive.

My husband loves Horror movies and I HATE them. I prepare for months and the suffer for months after watching them. #lightonallnight

watch star wars or any sci-fi movies with him.. not my cup of tea, so BORING!!

watch his super hero movies. Some are good but I wouldnt see most of them

don't have to get up until 7 but I get up at 5 to make my husbands lunch before he goes to work. I love to see him before he leaves

my husband is a super cross super fan! So once a week during I''ll sit and watch this race with him which is like a 3 hour race. But I have the bachelor so he can have his races.

I shave his back. Cmon let's do laser hair removal. Until then I'll do it.

When my fiance''s friends want to hang out, he''s always down to meet up with them. I don''t like them cause they always ignore me and don''t talk to me. But I go with him cause i know he wants me there. Even though I hate it.

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