TEXT TOPIC: Is he a bad gift giver?

my husband got me a bottle of nail polish and that was it for Valentines. He did say it was tricky to pick a color. Lol

my hubby got me NOTHING yesterday! In the past, he’s surprised me at work with flowers and taken me to a nice dinner. I barely got to spend time with him because he worked all day then came home and sat on his phone all night. I’m so bummed.

got a years worth of car wash vouchers for Valentine's from the my husband I had just wed 2 months prior. But we also got married chillin in our apt so..

husband sent stupid flowers! We've been together for 19 years and I can't count how many times I've told him I HATE flowers! Take me to dinner 

got a $30 gift card for the car wash

my boyfriend usually forgets so he will just tell me the last big purchase he made is my gift. This year it's a snowblower.

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