TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that scams?

my cousin, his dad, my mom and their sister had their inheritance (in the millions) invested with him and it was somehow "lost" in whatever investment while he made out like a bandit and lives large while his 80 something yr old dad still works.

my brother in law. He came out of no where and my sister was "absolutely in love with him". My brother and I were a lil cautious of him, found out later he "borrowed" close to 10k from our Mom.

My uncle had said there was great beach front property for sale in my dads home town and told my dad to send the money for a down deposit. My dad sent the money, and the next month my dad went to see and my uncle confessed he just needed money. Never paid my dad back.

Bro scammed our parents into refinancing their house (130k) for an overseas "adoption" that NEVER happened. It was a bigger scam that helped a scammer scam!! He still takes money.

all my brother and sister in-laws scam my parents-in-law. The parents don''t know how to say no and fall for their tricks. This just means my hubby and I will get great inheritance from his parents when they pass, cause the his siblings have already spent theirs by being lying dirt bags.

my uncle told the whole family he had breast cancer and that they needed help with money for treatment. We came together as a family to help. Come to find he never had cancer.

my sister scammed $1,000 from me

mom opened credit cards in my name. When confronted, she said I owed her bc taking care of me ruined her credit. I'm still paying for it today

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