TEXT TOPIC: What would you do differently if you could turn back time?

would leave my ex sooner, he is absolutely worthless, but right after getting pregnant, because I love my daughter. Wouldn't change having her.

would have left my ex the first time he was physically abusive instead of excusing it

wish that I would have continued my Volleyball career in college. I quit after a injury in high school and regretted not playing ever since.

would have married my best friend instead of my current husband. My best friend was is and will always be the love of my life.

want to go back to college and go out of state or at least out of my home town.

would go back to when I played a pick up game of soccer my jr yr in hs. I was at the top of my game for football. Until a kid broke my leg in that pick up game.

love my husband and wouldn't change marrying him but I wish we hadn't worried so much about what everyone else would think

missed out on my dream wedding just to appease his parents so my wedding memories always make me sad

could have graduated high school with my associate’s degree but I wanted to work instead. Now it is 7 years later and I am just getting into school and I am STRUGGLING BIG TIME! Not to mention student loans.

would have gone with my gut and lived with my husband before marriage even though his parents were against it.

would never have gotten married. My kids are my life. That's the only good thing that's happened. I would have gotten out MUCH sooner

I would have learned how to manage money better. Took me until my late 40s to figure it out.

would stay in my own damn lane and quit worrying about things and imagining what COULD happen.

would go back and redo my junior high and half of high school years. I set myself up to have a bad girl persona that I can’t uphold. And most of all I was so disrespectful to my mother and she is a saint for still loving me

would not adopt my daughter.

If I could go back to when I was 10 years old & take back yelling @ my dad "I wish you were dead!" I would. He died of cancer 10 months later. To this day it still haunts me. #Helpingthrutherapy

I'd go back to one night when I was 12 and tried something for the first time. Lead to 16 years of addiction. Clean for almost 10 now.

wouldn't have let myself get so fat. And also wouldn't have left my 1st job to get management experience. Teaching was so much better

I would have gone to college right after high school

I wish I would have told more adults about the abuse I endured at home as a kid so I could have gotten therapy a lot earlier.

I would have never been "the mistress"

I would have gone through college. And I never would have got married. Which sucks because then it wouldn''t have my daughter. But she would have had the life she deserved if I had waited.

I would focus on making friendships in high school rather than relationships that never lasted.

I would have pushed myself in college and graduated when I should have instead of not taken it seriously

I would journey back to my Navy days in 1989. I would leave a special message with a girl I liked whose friend I ran into on the street in Canada.

I wished I went through nursing school

Not lost my virginity at 15. I had no idea what I was doing/feeling then.

divorced at 22 but I have no regrets. In a happy loving relationship today and I wouldn't change anything

education before marriage. 20 years to be able to earn over six figures could've done it a lot sooner with education

Finish my Education period!!!

I wish I would have left my marriage beforehand instead of hoping he would change. I don t regret the whole marriage because it has shown me what I don t want and having higher exceptions in my current marriage and love.

I'd wait to get married in my late 20s/early30s. Enjoy and plan for the future in my 20s

That night in your house I wish I would have made out with you Tony! Always wonder what would have happen if I would have stayed

I wish I would've reached out to my father more, he was an alcoholic and told him not call me unless he was sober and he's now passed almost 2 yrs ago

would have taken custody of my nieces and nephew when i had the chance. They are now in child services in Oklahoma and I may never see them again

wish i didnt go to school and in student debt.

would tell my 20 ye old self to finish college. And not take a 10 year break.....freaking idiot!

relationship with a girl didn''t work out after my lds mission, don''t regret not being with her at this point, but really wish I wouldn''t have beenso immature in how I handled some of those situations.

would've skipped college and got real world experience, in many fields, worked for free if I had to then pick my fave experience as a career

 I used to care more abt saving money than making memories. Lots of regrets b/c I didn't find that balance sooner

I wouldn''t be so tough on my first two children. I feel like I may have been too hard on them and screwed them up for life. There are no do-overs. Love them so much!

If I could go back in time I would go back to the time where I found out my husband had an affair. And I would most certainly take a different path than I did at that time. Which would have been to keep on walking.

I would not have listened to my ex to buy that 1000 dll camcorder, instead of investing on amazon shares. I would be loaded now.

I would've never married my first wife. Happily married 18 years after her. She's been married 6 times 6 baby dance

eloped rather then have a wedding!

wish I stood up to the guy who said mean things about my dad (his teacher) in high school. That was 10 years ago... :(

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