TEXT TOPIC: What nice thing did a stranger do for you?

went to dinner with friends last Thursday to celebrate bdays and final cancer trtmt.. Random stranger picked up entire table tab.

hubby and I were in line at Burlington with our newborn to buy a breast pump and a super sweet lady behind us bought it for us without knowing price. I cried

my husband and i went to eat breakfast at ihop to celebrate our anniversary (starting early in the morning) and that day the waitress came to our table and told us our bill was already taken care of this cute old couple paid our bill.

right before thanksgiving I was going into Walmart to get milk and eggs. That’s all I could afford and I was feeling bad cause everyone else was buying Christmas. I went out to my car after my purchase and there was a note on my windshield that said "you are loved". It brought me to tears. Good day

A couple of months ago I fainted in a store. A woman called the paramedics and stayed with me until they arrived. She made sure no one messed with me.

Last week wife was at Smith Checking out kids screaming and she forgot her wallet Smith's employee paid for her groceries it made her cry so grateful

I was at the bar in Wendover and was being ignored, a couple saw me and ordered my drink, than paid for it for me even after asking them to not to and offering to pay them back

Someone overheard it was my husband and my 1st anniversary and paid for our dinner at red lobster. Thank you kind stranger!

somebody anonymously paid my husbands hospital bill. It was over 2,000 dollars and the person on the phone said they would like to remain a secret. They knew how bad we were struggling and helped us out so much. Forever grateful for the angels around us.

My wife and I left our wedding reception to fill up the car for our honeymoon. At the gas station this guy asks me we were recently married, I said yes and he gave us 40 dollars

I was at breakfast on my bday and strangers next to us, heard it was my bday and he paid for our meal. All 3 of us!

a stranger gave me courtside seats at the US Open to see Andy Roddick play in '11.

i''m in the military and a few weeks ago at a Salt Lake City pizza restaurant there were 14 of us military members eating lunch and someone at the small restaurant bought all of our lunches

ran out of gas on my way to visit a sick family member in the hospital I had no money and someone stopped towed me to the gas station and filled my tank

my dad took us to tepanyaki for a Christmas Eve dinner when we were younger. The family we shared the table with picked up our tab. My dad chased them down in the parking lot and tried to give them the gift card he was going to use and they refused. Just said merry Christmas

I am a barista at a drive through Starbucks. I love when people offer to pay for the stranger’s drink behind them. This usually causes a ripple effect in acts of kindness and it’s incredible to witness!

Needed a night out. Had only 50 dollars in bank acct. took the kids to dinner and someone paid for our dinner. I cried. There are angels out there

When I was 16 I was on the high school choir to her in Chicago. We had dressed up pretty fancy for a special event one night, and a 20 something-year-old handsome stranger in an elevator told me I looks like a million bucks. 15 years later I still remember that and a boost of confidence that it gave me as a young girl. It has also give me courage to give simple compliments to strangers myself.

Hubby worked in Wyoming came home maybe once a month. Someone did the 12 days of Christmas for my kids every day in December not just 12.

I was having one of those days that you just want to cry. I went to Walmart and my card wouldn''t work due to some fraud charges. I started crying andthe kind old checkout man pulled out his card and paid for my groceries. I cried even more and gave him a hug.

my flight to Denver was delayed to meet my family for my grandpas funeral. Due to the military funeral it could not be delayed for my arrival. My family told me to take an Uber over an hour from the airport to the cemetery. The sweet girl sitting next to me on the flight offered to have her sister who was picking her up drive me to the funeral and thankfully due to their kindness I was there for the 22 gun salute to honor my grandpas life

5yrs ago had only wood burn stove for heat. Kids and I would collect wood. 12 and wind 1 pair gloves. Stranger gave me his pair at the wood pile. Never forget

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