TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text?

hey sis just cause you wanna go to Santa Fe for one day and leave doesn't mean our parents do. Our cousin died have some respect

if you wanna go to the funeral we are staying for 4 days #heartless

You can NEVER build a kingdom with someone who craves attention from the village

I work in the mortgage industry. People! Sign your documents ASAP and get us the info we need quickly. It isn't the time to procrastinate or go on vacation

yes I am a stay at home mom. I work my ass off from 3am-10pm w/ NO breaks so get the hell off me about how I'm lazy. You think it's SO easy? Try it a-hole!

To all you stupid drivers out there why do you have to go so effing slow. you''re not even going there speed limit. and then signal PLEASE

Just because your personal life is crazy doesn''t mean that you get to Have a terrible attitude at work all the time. Also stop being like 20 minutes late to every shift it affects everyone else. Everyone is sick of it!

if you can't brush the snow off your car, you need to move your lazy ass out of Utah.

your dna doesn't make you more qualified for the job that I have been working my ass off for. But thanks for taking it anyways.

when you are at costco DONT stop in the lane to talk to someone or casually look at products ESPECIALLY on a Saturday! Come on people, I don''t want to wait for you!

don''t act like the victim and try to guilt trip us for having a good vacation where you chose to not go to but faked your illness to get us back early. Stupid MIL

yes I broke up with you, you moved on with your other ex. TELL HER TO LEAVE ME ALONE

To the stupid lady and the vet whose dog bit my puppy and didn't even apologize. Just said "oh he does that all the time." Screw you!!!

If I'm nice enough to slow down and let you in my lane, the least you could do is throw me a thank you wave

I buy food for my family that means sweets ice cream everything I don''t buy it for you to eat it and then complain that you''re gaining weight and tell me to stop buying it I buy it for us so stop eating my food

dear hubby, I love you but I''m tired of cleaning up after you. It doesn''t take that much effort to put your trash in the can instead of leaving it on the counter.

You were my safe place, person I could trust with all my secrets. You're a fraud. I feel sorry for the next poor girl that falls for your words.

No mother, when I buy my house you can't move in with me.

male coworker, you get paid more than me so figure out your own job and stop taking credit for my work

ladies from = dive you make me ashamed to be a lady. The bathroom you guys left was like a ton of pigs were there. Not thinking about the person who has to clean up after YOU.

stop telling me you want to work on your marriage while still messing around with your 3 boy toys! GET A DAMN DIVORCE ALREADY SO YOU CAN PLAY!!!

to the man who shamed me for being a working mom. I have two kiddos and neither father pays child support. The kids gotta eat and have clothes so I do what I need to do. All the crack in the world and your nose is in my business. Smh

don't ask me for my hours because you're hurting for money when you're going to turn around and buy tickets to Maui.

to the ppl that are exiting the freeway when they have their own lane turning right...KEEP GOING! You have YOUR OWN lane. You do NOT need to stop!!!

Salt Lake City businesses shovel the snow and salt your sidewalks how do you expect customers when they are slipping and sliding trying to patronize your store.

Lego Movie 2. It was funny as hell and great for adults. Stop being a cynic old man.

Stop burping my baby. I don't get this need to burp someone else's baby while you hold them!? It upsets her tummy more, she can burp on her own.

ok princess ur mom is high up in the company but that doesn't mean u can't do ur job. No one is meeting w a teacher that much

Sure be nice if you could respond back to my emails in a timely manner and not weeks later!!! You're wasting my fine and yours!

how about women complaining about a free prize they won at the diamond dive. If you cannot be grateful for the good time and memories dont participate.#smh

To my friends Fianc, not everything is about you. You are rude and talk over everyone even my friend. A lot of us wish you would shut up and stop trying so hard to be our friend. We would like you more if you would stop taking about yourself and talking down on everyone else.

People that STOP on the freeway to merge. No. You''re creating a traffic jam for no reason. Speed up when you are getting on and keep your speed when merging right to get off!

to the a-hole that parked in front of my driveway, blocking it, so I can''t get in, had a fun time talking to the cops! If it was my decision, I would''ve had your car towed! At least the cops shoveled my walks & driveway! Lol

occasionally, I like posting political things just to give my opinion. I''m sure something recently and someone close to me told me that I was being a keyboard warrior. I am NOT a troll and it really hurt my feelings when they told me this. I just want to say that I am NOT so step off and don’t tell me what you think you know about me.

Listen babe, once a year isn't enough. Going to trade you in for a younger model.

so tired of your indecisiveness about me. How would you feel if I told you-idk if I want you in my life years later.

stop telling me you want to work on our marriage yet treating me like crap every time we are together. Not here for your convenience and only when you want. Give me a divorce already

hey dad I'm not the perfect mom I'm a single parent and I try my best which is more than I can say for you I didn't meet you til I was 12

hey MVP minivan at Kearns High, I'll let you in one time, but two?! You are a stupid jerk!!

you have no business whatsoever to have a job without being proficient in Microsoft and Outlook! GET OUT!!

You are a 24 year old male hore. Do You think it s OK to goaround ruining families?? Please grow up or at least quit coachingyoung boys because you are not a good example at all!!

dear ex boyfriend, your new booty call won't treat you the way I did. I hope you are lonely without me

to the person at the job I just quit it's because the the gossiping that you and others do that made me QUIT not get FIRED

did you seriously just put an offer in on the house that I just showed you and told you that was putting an offer in for?? You're an a-hole!

To my mother in law: my husband has been off the teet for a while so PLEASE back the ef off.

Using scare tactics as a management style is not effective. Why do you think the turnover rate is so high?

manager,supervisor, team leader, if you have update about work,remember u have 3 shifts under your management, dont casually update us verbally, we have emails, we really feel like we are your step child, Love night shift.

to the lady on the delta flt from Phx yesterday that sat down and said oh grt when she saw my daughter and then said she might loose her shiz. I wish you would have. Be glad I didn''t throw gold fish in your mouth while you slept.

Get off the pills and the dating sites. You're 65 years old and married. Everyone in you family knows what you're doing. #GrandpaLivesAFakeLife

an apology isn't an apology when you're yelling!

Just because you have FOMO, and not a lot of work to do, does not mean you have to get in our fing business! We do a damn good job at what we do orI would have been promoted with in the first 12 months from Admin Assistant, to HR Manager! Back off and find your own work to do!!!

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