TEXT TOPIC: What is the rumor going around about you?

people said I was a lesbian because I was a college basketball player. I''m married .... TO A MAN. It caused some stress in my marriage even though my husband knows I prefer sticks

my ex started a rumor that we were getting divorced because I was a cheater. Everyone keeps asking how I could do that to him. We are actually getting divorced because I got tired of the verbal and physical abuse. I guess your secret is out.

(im a dude) I''m in sales and doing really well. Some real petty people started this rumor that I''m sleeping with a female sales rep. Who lives in Georgia. Who likes women... get a life people

a former employee recently told some of my current employees that I was leaving. I am not. They approached me about it and I told them I was staying.

an ex coworker started a rumor that I was having an affair with my boss. It got back to me from a girl who works at another office in the same field!

to clarify, not having an affair he and I are both happily married to other people. It shook up both of our marriages for a minute

my soon ex wife was telling people I would abuse her and that’s why she left me. She moved back east and is now dating and living with another guy. Her lies are starting to come out.

graduated high school early and everyone assumed I was pregnant and dropped out. No I worked my butt off to get away from all you people

had a rumor go around that I was cheating and it nearly broke up my relationship!! A year later I found out it was a douche named Matt that spread it

(ex) husband changed FB status to "Widowed" when I left him.

rumor: I hired the girl in my department because I was hooking up with her. She was the only internal candidate and actually met the minimum requirements. Not my fault you didn''t apply

my last Job rumor started I was selling drugs No I just work hard and am good at managing my money That's how I afford nice things

My sister''s ex (who was in the bishopric) is spreading rumors that they divorced because she cheated, which she didn''t. He was emotional/sexual/physical abusive.

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