TEXT TOPIC: Did you get jacked on a date?

3rd date went 4weeling. I let her drive with me on back, right into the base of a cliff. She was life flighted. We are married now

My husband and I went golfing and he was standing in front of me and I hit him in the chin. Last time we went golfing

was on a date for prom. We went four wheeling and my date rolled the four wheeler and I got thrown off!

Went on a tinder date, it was not a good one to say the least, at the end of it I was getting out of the car and he leaned in to kiss me and I tried to get out faster and hit my head on the bar and tripped out on to my butt on my driveway.

First date we decided to go snowmobiling on a night ride. I HAD long long curly hair. He fueled the snowmobile, we got ready to go and he lost the key. Flicked his lighter for light and he hadn''t put the fuel cap back on. Needless to say I lost over 13 inches of hair when the snowmobile exploded.

Swing dancing, my date dropped me on my head while he was trying to do a fancy spin lift thing. Black eye and bloody nose.

date crashed us in the go karts while thought he was being funny, my knee got caught up underneath the metal, messed up knee now. Love him though

I was on a date at the batting cages. My date turned up the speed of the pitches without telling me. Got hit and broke my arm

I was on a first date with a girl at classic skating, she starting falling I caught her which made me fall and elbow her in the face in the process.

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